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Kumi Naidoo in Global Observatory

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This Summit is probably the most important global meeting that has ever happened on this planet. NYC 9.05 AM Kumi Naidoo Head of the Tcktcktck Campaign What we have to do in the less than 70 days ahead of us now before the Copenhaguen Summit is put maximum pressure on every government on the planet. We'll go to Copehaguen with the delegations being led by the Heads of State and to generate a fair, ambitious and binding treaty. Time is running out. Time is running out. And we chose the name Tcktcktck to actually send a message that we cannot play Russian roulette.. when people's lives, when the environment and when the existence, the very existence of this planet is on the thread. What can we do? We have to think about our consumption of energy, about energy effectiveness, using what we have more effectively... Don't you recognize that before you're a member of government, before you're a member of a business, you' re first and foremost a human being? First and foremost a citizen, that you have children and grandsons and you have much at stake in protecting this planet for future generations? What should they do? If Copenhaguen is succesful, that will send a signal to the world, that we cannot do business as usual... ...that governments need to have this as a response they need to act on, business will have this as an action they need to take... ..but also it will send a message to ordinary men with grandchildren in this world, that we have to live our lives in a very different way... than what we have become accostumed to. The world is ready. Is it? We are not 100% ready, but we're at least ready to a level we know now is the time to act. This is a moment not to be lost. If Copenhaguen does actually reach the deal we want, it will be a recognition that we're

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Posted by: vik770 on Sep 24, 2009

"Time is running out". Chair of TckTckTck Campaign speaks about climate change and COP15's agreement.

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