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Zeus video blog 23.07.2015 ( показал татуировку на 1 секунду на 4.39 _) )

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Hi everyone, Danya Zeus here It's 23rd of July, we just won vs Dignitas, pretty confidently After the loss to TSM we didn't practice really Today was my first day playing CS after Valenica We didn't play praccs We understood that we had a lot LANs hence a lot of stress, we won ESWC and felt that freedom not talking to each other every day So we are doing the same thing now, before CEVO Game vs dignitas was important too, we advanced to the grand finals Next up is MLG, there will be some serious opponents, VP and C9 "Dem rumors" We are flying separately, seized and flamie got their visas That's csgowinner in the background, it's my project, I am not advertising anyone, and it's more reliable than you think That secret advertising though We are flying separately because of some troubles, Edward is going on VACation after CEVO etc. and we will all meet in Ohio We are ready, we can beat those teams but we also won't underestimate everyone Everyone will pick train versus us, since TSM trashed us on it, this is out uncomfy map, so other teams have a little advantage We will switch our positions on Train, so we play more on skill on CT side. TSM were lucky sometimes, and we just couldn't hold positions Got myself a tattoo today, wanted to get it much earlier, couldn't get my shit together, but I finally did it It's still unfinished, here you can see some figures, I will tell you more about it later The idea was mine, guy who was doing it is a master, props to him I am sorry for this sound GuardiaN is spamming my facebook So cheer for us About the loss to TSM, it was my fault, we had bad emotions, we kind of fell apart We had a guy who was helping us keep our shit together, and we couldn't do it. My fault was that I listened to my teammates and kept dust2, maybe we could've played better, but TSM were just so much better And we lost dust2 to nearly everyone, not taking any rounds as T.We didn't even practice it, focusing on inferno, cbble, overpass We thought TSM would leave overpass, but they left d2 so I pussied out and vetoed inferno I will not do that mistake anymore We were sad about it, but we know our mistakes now Bootcamp starts around 7th-8th for Cologne We are all ready to practice, this is one of the biggest championships, ESL ESEA was huge too, but it was kind of hit and miss in terms of organisation Valve is involved this time, it's much more serious, it will not be a studio tournament Danya Zeus was with you, play on out site, I will make a video about it soon We are finishing the visuals on it right now So see you everyone!

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jul 23, 2015

Zeus video blog 23.07.2015 ( показал татуировку на 1 секунду на 4.39 _) )

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