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CPC GA CyberPatriot FINAL

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Every 39 seconds, there's a cybersecurity attack that happens somewhere in the world where someone's information has been compromised There are 3.5 million jobs in the workforce that are empty That are related to cybersecurity So I feel like it's important to train young kids to fill those jobs America is severely lacking in our cybersecurity education programs We don't have a national program to help train kids on how to interact with computers nationwide This is where CyberPatriot comes in The CyberPatriot program is a program hosted by the Air Force Association CyberPatriot is, to me, is a program that allows the youth of the nation to get hands on with the technology that's developing every day. The CyberPatriot program isn't just a way for students and cadets to learn about cybersecurity but's it's really a way to learn about and understand the working world as it develops CyberPatriot has really allowed me to meet a good team in order to have teamwork skills as well as have better communication skills So essentially, I do Windows, so I configure local security policies which makes the computer more secure I do linux and we primarily focus on services because especially since Linux is deployed on servers worldwide these servers can be interacted with while still being secure and protected I do the Cisco challenge for my team they just give me instructions, they give me a network, there might be something wrong with the network or they might just tell me to make one; and then based on the parameters and based on what they give us, we just make the network CyberPatriot really helps someone to expand their interests and because of this, I am interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity For anyone that's interested in CyberPatriot, I would definitely recommend it because it has taught me a lot about leadership and teamwork I believe it's more about the information they gain, and the friendships they make than what advancements they make It's about how much they learn. This is how we do CyberPatriot

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