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Jidundun and Yogoro (Children’s Ramadan Activities) In the name of Fatoumata Bintou The wife of the prophet, peace be on him, We ask you for alms. That we may live for a long time In the world full of God’s mysteries That each year we can see This blessed month of Ramadan That god blesses you and your family. I am called Kaidia Traore. Madame, what do you think of our activities of Jidundun ? Jidundun: I am happy that you came to our place to take part in the Jidundun. This is a traditional activity from the time of our ancestors. 10 days into the month of Lent or Ramadan the girls go from door to door in order to do Jidundun. In return, people give them money or some other gifts. Madam, what do you think is the benefit of Jidundun ? The benefit is that it shows that the girls did not abandon our customs. Thank you. Thank you. Out of the way, the Yogoro are coming Give way to the Yogoro Stop ! Stop ! Stop ! Haven’t you seen the Yogoro? It’s the Yogoro. With their beautiful arms and beautiful legs. Yogoro: Yogoro did not begin recently. It has been in place since time immemorial. It happens when Ramadan has been on for 10 days. I thank you a lot and that God blesses you. Doojo, by land ! Doojo, by land ! Doojo, by land! What else can you tell us? What I’ve already said, That I thank you very much And may God bless you. Amen ! That God blesses you all And gives a long life to you and your family. Amen! In what moment do you do Yogoro ? The morning? The afternoon? Or the night ? And at what period of the year ? Yorogo is done at night When the lunar month of Ramadan is at 10 days. During the 20 remaining days every night the boys can do Yogoro.

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Country: Mali
Producer: Plan Mali, Malian Youth
Director: Malian Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Jan 5, 2009

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