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Identifying One's Potential or Talent. Sadhguru

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currently in this society especially in India the lower India but particularly in south India right from your childhood the parent situation in most homes there are not exceptions but in most homes the parent situation and the social situation is such they're constantly making the child think in terms of what kind of activity would make them survive best what kind of activity would get them a good job what kind of activity would get them good money they are only thinking on these terms when you orient the child like this right from his early age then whatever inherent talents he has maybe there is a Picasso in your house but now you make him into a doctor you know he'll only smear blood on people simply because right from his childhood he was never allowed to think beyond survival if you're really interested and if you have children it's very important just allowing them to develop don't be in a hurry that they must find a job do something see it's not necessary everybody by the time they're twenty five they must have a job and they must be going they must be married they must have children it is not necessary different people will mature at different times if they find their jobs at the right time if necessary they marry at the right time or go beyond it beyond it whichever way according to their natural tendencies they would definitely evolved into a more complete human beings you may become an engineer or doctor or whatever but a... a very disturbed human being not finding expression for anything within yourself no maybe you would've made a good carpenter but now you're a doctor you can imagine our plight nothing wrong in being a good carpenter you can become a great carpenter isn't it but such a thing is not there at all you must become a doctor if you cannot you must become an engineer now of course software this is how they are going isn't it they try for medical college don't get, engineering college, where is where is the connection if you don't get a medical college seat now ayurvedic college veternarry medicine or at least become a witch doctor but you don't become a doctor, you jump into engineering where is the sense, that means you're only interested in proving something to somebody you're not interested in making life beautiful isn't it what is the best paid job so I am saying survival just survival see every human being has necessary intelligence and strength to survive in the world maybe not like somebody else but in his own way but if he's doing something that he cares for if he's creating something for which he has a natural liking whether he does it in this scale or that scale he will still be happy now you're doing something for which you have no natural tendency simply because socially your oriented that way now there is a sense of frustration about the jobs that you're doing you continue of course because you've interested five years ten years and education so you can't go back you keep pushing yourself isn't it it is unnecessary to orient the society like this,\ now every ten years the society is shifting its idea of what is the best education now there are too many doctors nobody wants them anywhere now people are thinking something else, they think software, software half the people was sent back from other countries now they're desperately looking what is the way I know survival is important with the kind of overpopulation and competition we have, survival is important but still giving at least fifty percent of your life open seeing what you could do is a good thing to do for children because they'll live more complete lives I know many people may not have the means to do it and there are many difficulties it's not as the as easy as it is said all those problems are there but still it's worthwhile to make an effort to create the next generation which is little more harmonious within themselves isn't it whatever the effort it takes it takes still worth while isn't it

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 How does one Identify ones potential or talent? Sadhguru explains that in many homes parents raise their children based solely in materialistic terms. (AO34)

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