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Trip on a Deal Ep.6 Celebrity Hotel Hookups, Crazy cruise deals, Amazing travel jobs & Underwater restaurant

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THIS WEEK YOU CAN TRIP ON A DEAL … CRUISING THROUGH SOUTH AMERICA, OR VACATIONING IN THE LOVE SHACKS OF BRITNEY SPEARS OR ELIZABETH TAYLOR. PLUS, GET PAID TO TRAVEL! SOME AMAZING JOBS YOU CAN APPLY FOR RIGHT NOW. AND, THE WORLD’S FIRST UNDERWATER RESTAURANT. THAT AND MORE ON THIS WEEK’S TRIP ON A DEAL. brought to you by let them produce your online video or webcast HELLO, AND WELCOME. I’M JOHN … AND I’M LUZ. YOU KNOW, IN THE SPIRIT OF BRANGELINA, IF WE WERE CELEBRITIES WE WOULD BE JUICE! JOHN – LUZ – JUICE! ANYWAY, SPEAKING OF CELEBRITIES … CONCIERGE DOT COM HAS LISTED THE TOP TEN CELEBRITY HOTEL HOOKUPS. COULD BE A GREAT RESOURCE IF YOU’RE LOOK FOR A PRIVATE HOTEL ROOM, EH? FROM THE BRITNEY SPEARS FLING WITH A PAPARAZZO AT THE PARKER PALM SPRINGS … TO THE LOVE SHACK OF ELIZABETH TAYLOR AND RICHARD BURTON IN PUERTO VALLARTA MEXICO … CASA KIMBERLY THEN AGAIN, WE KNOW ABOUT ALL 10 … SO MAYBE THESE LOCATIONS AREN’T THAT PRIVATE. AND MORE ON CELEBRITIES AND TRAVEL … BOOTS AND ALL TRAVEL SITE HAS A FUN LIST OF CELEBRITES BORN IN SURPRISING PARTS OF THE WORLD. DIDJA KNOW NATALIE PORTMAN WAS BORN IN JERUSALEM? KEANU REEVES IN BEIRUT? AUSTRALIAN ACTOR MEL GIBSON WAS BORN IN … PEEKSKILL NEW YORK! AUSTRALIAN ACTRESS NICOLE KIDMAN? BORN IN HONOLULU! ALOHA MATE! LOOKING FOR A GREAT CRUISE DEAL? HOW ‘BOUT TWO WEEKS IN SOUTH AMERICA FOR AROUND $500 BUCKS? THE NORWEIGAN SUN GOES FROM BUENOS AIRES TO 8 PORTS OF CALL IN URAGUAY, CHILE, ARGENTINA AND THE FALKLAND ISLANDS. AND WITH THE CURRENT RECESSION, PR ANOTHER GREAT CRUISE DEAL WE FOUND. A 17 NIGHT TRANSATLANTIC CRUISE FOR $699. THE COSTA FORTUNA LEAVES FROM FORT LAUDERDALE IN MARCH … HIT’S EIGHT PORTS, INCLUDING BARBADOS, THE CANARY ISLANDS AND BARCELONA … THEN ARRIVES IN GE Wanna get paid to travel? Australia’s offer of what they call “the best job in the world” has become an online sensation. It’s a newly created position called the caretaker of the islands of the great barrier reef … basically a media cheerleader for the the place. It pays 150 thousand australian dollars, about a 100 thousand us dollars … and includes accomodation on gorgeous hamilton island Anyone can apply … and they have. Hundreds all over the world via youtube. But who knows? Maybe you’re the one? Applications close february 22. Another job you may consider? Be a world traveller intern for student travel agent sta travel. Two students will traverse the globe showcasing their adventures with online journals and videos. All paid for by sta travel. Many have applied … but there’s still time. Upload a video on their youtube channel and fill out the app by march 8th. And finally, here’s an original dining option. The world’s first underwater restaurant in the maldives. Blog pan asian biz dot com says the dining room at the conrad maldives rangali resort cost five million bucks to build. The destination may be gorgeous … but it’s not necessarily a bargain. Rooms at the resort start at $850 a night. WANT MORE INFORMATION? VISIT TRIP ON A DEAL DOT COM FOR HELPFUL LINKS ON ALL THE DEALS AND STORIES FROM TODAY’S SHOW. AND COME BACK NEXT WEEK … SO YOU CAN … TRIP ON A DEAL.

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This week on Trip on a Deal: Top hotels for celebrity hookups. Jaw dropping cruise deals. You may qualify for the best travel job or travel internship in the world. Plus, the first underwater restaurant ... and more!
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