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Chegou o momento (The Revolution has begun.) (Filmed on Sept 21, 2010) Greetings One... and All. It is with humble hearts and much gratitude that we reach out to you today to joyfully announce that together, we are... awakening as one. Since February of 2010 we have committed the total sum of our love, wisdom, resources and creativity into the creation and presentation of "The Awakening Trilogy". And though, to date, thousands of people have contacted us from around the world to express their thanks for our work, we too are compelled to extend our gratitude to all of you. For it is our feeling that with "The Awakening Trilogy" we have not created a work of particular genius. The music and images that we used were created and captured through the inspired work of other artists. And the message itself is not something that we alone have thought of. In fact, it is our belief that all of the impact and effectiveness of "The Awakening Trilogy" has to do with the fact that we are giving voice to the thoughts and truths that exist inside so many people in our world today; but which are so seldom heard or supported in our popular society. And so we thank you for your wisdom, courage and willingness to feel and hear these truths inside yourself. For we would never have created these films if we didn't think that there were other people out there who thought and felt the same as we did, and who would be willing to work together to help each other help the ALL. So thank you for inspiring us through your own BEing and Believing. And thank you to all those who have walked the Path of Service before us to all those who walk it now and to all those who will serve in the days, years and ages to come. (Aquarian Alchemy) Today, after much consideration and prayer we have chosen to present the following information on the approaching period known to the Mayans as "The Definition"; which we briefly mention in our films "The Plan" and "The Prophecy", and which is said to begin on September 23rd of this year, 2010. Our hesitation in presenting this information comes from the common, yet dangerous, and oh-so limiting propensity amongst so many humans today, to immediately react to thoughts of our changing reality with fear. Though we understand the reasons why fears may arise when faced with change and the unknown we also see that change is something that we are destined to face if we wish to co-create a new world of peace and harmony for all. And so with this understanding of the eternal and essential nature of change we encourage all who hear these words to meet change, not with fear, but with gratitude. And as we learn to see each change and challenge as an opportunity for which to be thankful we will begin to effectively transmute all negative emotions into positives thereby restoring balance to the overabundance of negative energy prevalent on our planet today. This Alchemical shift in consciousness is reflected by the image that is commonly used to represent the Aquarian Age which we are presently entering. In this image a figure carries a jar of water which is always spilling over but never running out. Thus when one learns to see that every being, event and object exists for the sole purpose of inspiring, and realizing, spiritual growth, we can learn to be thankful, and loving, for all. And like the Aquarian image, our love and gratitude will be ever-flowing. (The Definition) So what then is this period of time known to the Mayans as "The Definition" that is said to begin on September 23rd, 2010 and continue until December 21st, 2012? According to the Mayans, in August of 2001 we moved into a new period of time referred to as "The Purification" which the Mayans knew would be marked by a series of global events that would serve to purify humanity's ethical perspective on its relationship with itself, the Earth, and ALL living things. The entrance into this period, which again, was known to begin in August of 2001, was marked just a few weeks later by the world-altering collapse of the World Trade Centers. Other events that have captured world attention, and reflection, during this period of Purification, to name a few, were: Hurricane Katrina the Asian Tsunami, the UN recognition of Global Climate Change, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American and European Financial Crises, and the BP Oil Disaster. And though its easy to see how these events may be perceived as something to be feared there is another story that has been taking shape during this period of Purification that is not as widely publicized. For just as the name "The Purification" promises, these events have served to purify humanity's perspective on the impact that we've had on the Earth and all living things. And as a result of this purification we are currently experiencing an unprecedented global wave of Awakening and Unity as hundreds of thousands of groups have formed across the planet to educate each other on the reality of our current situation; and to provide solutions on how we can move away from our self-destructive behaviour into a thriving new model of harmonious existence. Thus September 23, 2010 marks our entrance into a new period of the prophecies known as "The Definition", which similar to "The Purification" will serve to inspire a profound acceleration of humanity's consciousness. For just as the dramatic events of "The Purification" inspired our heightened Awareness and Unity, so too will the increasingly intense events of "The Definition" inspire humanity towards a never-before imagined experience of Oneness and co-creation. Many people after hearing the list of dramatic events that occurred during The Purification might wonder how the increasing intensity of world events could possibly be a positive thing? In response to this, we invite you to consider one major factor that is preventing our movement towards a harmonious new world from being realized at its fullest potential; and that is 'Hesitation'. All around the world 100s of millions of people are working through 100s of thousands of organizations to create harmonious new systems; however, at present a degree of hesitation remains as both our work towards harmony, and our survival are still dependent on our ability to gain more money, resources, recognition and pleasure from our current system. So at the same time that we work and wish for change some small part of us still wants things to remain the same. And so each one of us stands hesitant on the crumbling cliff of our old-world system holding essential pieces for the creation of a new way tight to our chests as we search the limitless potentials below for signs of what to do next. And though the answer is to jump, and fly, it will not be until we experience the events of "The Definition" that most people will realize that the cliff will no longer support them. And it will be at that moment that we trade in our hesitation for commitment that true magic and co-creation will be experienced. For imagine how many harmonious groups are in existence that are still looking for contributions of time, land, or money to achieve their work. And imagine how these resources will become available when people who have been holding on to these things for themselves realize that the time has come to share what we have with each other. Thus, where "The Purification" afforded us the opportunity to clearly see where our hearts stand with the way of the world "The Definition" will give us no choice but to demonstrate the truths of our hearts through our actions. And it is from this defining of self that "The Definition", which the dictionary describes as "the act of defining, making definite, distinct or clear", receives its name. (The Nature of Prophecy) Having provided some context for the positive purpose of "The Definition", it is our intention with this presentation to share some potential events that could unfold in the weeks and months following our entrance into this period on September 23rd, 2010. Here it must be understood that our intention with this presentation is not to Prophecy events "as they are going to occur", but rather to present some possible signs ahead of time, that should they take place, might inspire us to trade in our hesitation, for commitment. It is also thought that by expanding our imaginations to consider possible future events, we may save ourselves the shock of getting caught unawares as the previously unimaginable becomes manifest. And as a result of having already experienced these events in our minds we will be more centered, and able to see the opportunities the present, when they or something similar occurs. That said, it is important to remember one truth as presented in our film "The Prophecy", which states that now, more than ever, as we approach the turning of the Age, "what we Believe is what we experience;" for not all prophecies exist to tell us "what is to be", but rather they exist to tell us "what we need to hear" in order to do what we already know we must. Thus, if a prophecy may be viewed as a projected outcome based on the preceding trend of events, then it may be realized that the instant we respond to the wisdom of our Elders by doing what we have never done before (such as committing ourselves to helping each other), we immediately being altering the probability line of our future and effectively begin creating a new reality. In order to more clearly see the changeable nature of prophecy one may examine what the Mayans refer to as the "Tiku Prophecies" -- spelt T - I - K - U. The Tiku cycles are alternating positive and negative periods that effect the planet. According to the Mayans August 17th, 1992 marked our entrance into a new cycle of positive energy that will continue for some 676 years; however, before these positive energies could take root we first had to go through a nine year period of gestation, which ended on August 16th, 2001. Through the Tiku Prophecies the Mayans announced that at the end of this gestation period, a significant event would occur that would have an impact on the positive growth of human consciousness. It was said that if this event occurred during the first twenty days after gestation the cataclysms and cleansing of humanity would be on a large scale. And if it occurred during the second twenty days humanity would be able to minimize the destruction. Thus, the collapse of the World Trade Centers which occurred during the second twenty days not only assured us of the minimized destruction to humanity, it also reveals that prophecies may be influenced, and are therefore changeable. And it is with this understanding that we invite you to stretch your imagination to consider the events that could potentially unfold during the approaching period known as "The Definition", and to see how such events might serve to help us co-create a new world of peace and harmony together. (The Signs) Before we extend our imaginations to consider possible future events and how they might serve to inspire humanity to the fully committed co-creation of a harmonious new existence, we must once again express that it is not our belief that all, or any of these events, are actually going to occur. For as expressed, both in this presentation, and in our film "The Prophecy", "what we Believe, is what we experience." And it is our belief that by exposing the story that is being written by the mass un-consciousness, those of us who are willing to unite and work together will write, and realize, a never-before-imagined story of peace and unity together. That said, the possible events that are presented here are not randomly imagined, but rather are carefully compiled with an attention, both on the prophecies of our Elders, as well as an analysis of current events and recognized trends on our global stage. We encourage all who view this presentation to please read the section titled "The Signs" which appears below this video on our webpage. Here you will find the script which details the potential events which we are about to present, along with links to source material that points to the possibilities of such events occurring. And so now, we ask you to center yourself in your heart, and consider that each of the following events have been designed to further our Awakening by encouraging us to "let go" of those things that no longer serve us, and by inspiring us to Unite, and to commit ourselves to living for each other. First of all, considering that it was only a couple of weeks after entering the period know to the Mayans as "The Purification" that we saw the collapse of the World Trade Centers, it is likely that within a month or two of entering "The Definition", we could see an event of equal, or greater, global impact to that of September 11th, 2001. Following reports from various trend forecasters, ranging from esteemed politicians like congressman Ron Paul, to reputed research agencies such as Gerald Celente's "Trends", that predicted the American financial collapse of 2008; many people believe that the worst economic collapse of American history will occur in the fall of 2010. It is thought by some that this next stage of the financial collapse in a country where so many have already lost their homes and livelihoods, could result in a crisis situation as the sudden financial losses could spark fears leading to riots, similar to those seen in Greece in May of this year. Another factor that some believe could add to the intensity of this scenario would be a significant increase in the number of deaths during this year's flu season. As detailed in reports that surfaced in the fall of 2009 surrounding the arrest of micro-biologist Joseph Moshe it is believed that in 2010 as many as 15 - 20 million people around the world could die because of Baxter Pharmaceutical's H1N1 vaccine. An event such as this could be enough to spark the economic collapse or if it happened in the midst of an already crumbled economy the combined tensions from the deaths, and the economic instability would greatly fuel the potential for riots and chaos. It is thought by some that such chaos could result in the initiation of emergency measures, such as declaring marshal law, and instilling the reportedly defunct Security and Prosperity Partnership. This program, now carried out in the guise of the North American Leaders Summit could effectively unite the American Economies and decrease national sovereignty. With the economies united, and the people calmed or quieted by the force of marshal law, things, though greatly changed, would return to some semblance of normalcy just as they did in the wake of 9/11. And in this strange quiet people would be given the choice of whether they wish to hold on to a system that they no longer believe in out of fear for themselves, or whether they would choose to unite with others and co-create a new way out of love for the ALL. All those for whom this choice becomes clear will be freed from their hesitation and instantly united with others who are willing to commit the total sum of their love, wisdom and resources into the furtherance of the immediate divine objective for humanity and the earth. And in much the same way that the 8th sign of the Hopi Prophecy states, "we will see many youths, who wear their hair long like our people come to join the tribal nations to learn of our wisdom, and our ways." And for those who have already made their choice the work that we do today is reshaping the probabilities of tomorrow. Have faith, for we are... Awakening As One.

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According to the Mayans September 23rd, 2010 marks our entrance into a new period of the prophecies known as "The Definition", which will continue until December 21, 2012.

During this period of time, it is believed that the increasing intensity of world events will have an impact on the positive growth of human consciousness; by inspiring people to unite and co-create harmonious new systems, out of love for the Earth and all living things.

To learn more about this fascinating period of time, and to hear some of the events that could potentially unfold, and how they would inspire our spontaneous evolution, we invite you to watch "The Definition."

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