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Microsoft Flow allows you to automate workflows by connecting hundreds of different existing applications and services. Power BI's integration with Microsoft Flow allows you to take the insights that you gain from Power BI and convert them into deep meaningful action. In this video I'm going to show you how to use Microsoft Flow and Power BI to take a Power BI data alert and from there email any audience you want with the insights from that alert. Let's get started. So here we see the list of alerts that I've already set up in the Power BI service. For this video, I'm going to take the alert for error count and use that to send an email to my coworker Will. I'll flip over to Microsoft Flow. Here I will create a new flow which does what I said. I will start by adding the Power BI data alert trigger. To do this, I search for Power BI and click on the Power BI tile. Then I click on the trigger titled Power BI - When a data driven alert is triggered. This trigger will start a flow whenever a specific data alert is triggered in Power BI. I can click on the drop-down and see the list of alerts that I've configured in the Power BI service. As I mentioned before, I want this flow to be triggered whenever the alert for error count is triggered. So I will select that. Now I want to use this flow to send an email to my colleague Will. So I select new step and add an action. From here I will select the Office 365 Outlook option, which I will use to send an email. Now I can customize the email that is sent out by this flow. So first, I'll enter Will's email address. Next, I can enter the subject of the email. I notice when I click into the subject I'm given a pane, which will take the information from the data alert and allow me to use that information in the flow. For the subject, I'll call it alert triggered and use the alert name. And for the body, I can say tile value and enter the tile value. Notice I have access to a number of other fields as well, including the threshold at which the alert was triggered and the URL which will link to the dashboard on which the alert was set up. Now once I've customized the email to my liking, I can hit create a flow, and that flow will be saved and immediately start working. This is just one example of what you can do with Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow is integrated with hundreds of different applications and services, including Outlook, OneDrive, and many others.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: csintl on Mar 7, 2017

You already have the ENglish transcript. Please use that to MT. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ENGLISH transcript/CC!!!!!!!! ----- (Please provide translations for these languages: Chinese (Simplified) (chi_hans), Chinese (Traditional) (chi_hant), English (eng), French (France) (fre_fr), German (ger), Italian (ita), Japanese (jpn), Korean (kor), Portuguese (Brazil) (por_br), Russian (rus), Spanish (spa).)

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