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The Big Year (2011)

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[chopper blades whirring] (Brad) There is going to be major fallout in a few hours. Nuclear fallout? [pounding drum - accelerating] [birds squawking excitedly] Bird fallout. (woman) Have you ever wonder what killed your marriage to Steph in '03? (Kenny) First of all, I was married to Bridget in '03. (Stu) January 1st, I'm outta here. (Jim) You realize the phase after retirement looks a little bit like this? (man on phone) You quit school, you quit work... Dad... Great talkin' to you. [phone beeps/clicks] I just want to do something big, you know? (Kenny) We need a little adventure. (Brad) I'm doing a big year. (Kenny) A year to do all the things we never could! ♪ [Creedance Clearwater Revival - "Up Around the Bend"] (woman) You think he'd be exhausted by now. Race to the bottom? (narrator) Now they're turning their quest... (woman #2) They're men, dear. If they ever stop competing - they die. (narrator)...into the ultimate competition. Yea! [thud] (Brad) This is my year. I'm gonna make my mark. Uh. (Stu) Can't miss the flight. There's not another one for a week. Wait! (Brad) Sucks for him. (Kenny) Cookie? (Brad) No. (narrator) From the director of "The Devil Wears Prada", and "Marley and Me", (Stu) One of us has to beat this s.o.b. [truck horn] Boom! (narrator) When it comes to comedy... Did you just do a victory dance? No. Maybe. Yes, I did. (narrator)...go big, or go home. (Brad) You bought me drinks, and got what you wanted. (Kenny) Really? (Stu) You don't wanna know. (Stu) Most people wake up one day, and realize they didn't do everything they wanted to do. Am I nuts, Edith? (Edith) Are you asking me as a therapist, or as a wife? (Stu) Which one is cheaper? (Brad) This is incredible, isn't it? (Brad) Unless there's a freak blizzard. [wind howling] I shouldn't have said there's gonna be a freak blizzard. I jinxed it. Yeah! ♪ We're goin' up around the bend ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ [Captions by]

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