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Hugh Laurie american slangs

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Now, I’m gonna give you some slangs, my american slangs we’re gonna take turns we’ll see how much you know and how much I know, ok? The first one I’m gonna give you is FLOSSING you know what flossing means? You mean actually flossing? No, the slang The slang You know what actually flossing is? You know, the american’s opinion of persistental practice but yeah… Yes, I do know what that means That would be something close fitting and… no I know... I don't know oh, that is to really show how wrong you were Great. It’s gonna robbing in and it when aggressive isn’t it? It was aggresive i'm sorry Because I could’ve just said no but… in America we like to really rubbing it It’s showing off really? yes, showing off is flossing What sound you make when you’re right? like that which is… Is probably a different sound than England It is, yeah CHIN WAG That would be a boundary idiot, a "chin wag" You a "chin wag"? No It’s actually a verb it means to chat, literally to wag your chin, actually very literal Did I mispronounce it? I think I never wouldn’t gotten wrong I couldn’t understand your thick british accent Can we look at that in slow motion? Of course So we are tie yes Tied at nothing Means, to pass someone on a motorcycle and then see a police car and break suddenly. No? It’s an extremely curvatious female behind Bien We definitely don’t have those in England Is it ba-donka-donk? It's a fantastic word you’ll use it from now on I enjoy your "ba-donka-donk" honey Alright That's fantastic Like Chin Yes. If you like exhausted? No It’s to be really pleased by something I'm "Chuffed to bits" That's what I meant I would be "chuffed to bits" by your "ba-donka-donk" for example yes We’re gonna end with this one because everyone has learned by just watching the show ♪Shawty had them apple button jeans, boots with the fur♫ ♪Shawty have them baggy sweat pants♫ ♪reeboxs with the straps♫ ♪she turned around and gave that...♫ Is that one word? ♪She hit the floor♫ None of this is helping ♪shawty got low low low…♫ No "shawty" is a young kid or a woman really? yep

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Posted by: shunnay on Mar 31, 2014

american slangs

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