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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~16:01:49 - 16:17:59

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Don't you think we could add something like a manuscript in here ? Could be, don't know... I wonder.. —King of Lion ? Oh, The Lion King ! know, i know ....let's wait and see... Wouldn't it be better to use the actual quote from the dude... the quote on Bob ( inaudible) is Lion of Judah. King of the Judah ! Check out the neddle's vibration reaching out the mic's wiring... Wicked ! ♪ singing ♪ -Did you secured the.... mic? -Not really, in the chest it keeps getting in the way... it messes up That's because I am filling in both designs, we are getting further, don't you think? ♪ Stir it up ♪ ♪ Come on baby ! Come on, stir it up ♪ ♪ Little darling, stir it up ♪ ♪ It's been a long, long time ♪ —I think this song.. Look, there's something here on you bro, here, can you see? This way, look, here.. here, check it... slowly... yeah, there ! Here, look ! Here, here. Man, look here ! Look how big it is ! Pull ! Did you pull it out? Its from my beard. —Your beard this big? —Man ! —Maybe its a stranded hair. Do you normally use needle and thread on your dreads? What i mean is do you use the dread itself as thread to tighten or you use a real thread with it? it like sewing? —Ah, i use a needle. —As you do some palm rubbing? —Not really, you tighten it with needle and thread, right? Or maybe only with a needle? —You should do the needle and thread. —And then some crochet. I should have let mine quiet for a while but now is hopeless , bro. It went well then it got all tangled close to the roots, now the second growth is so thicker, look. I cant take it anymore, bro ! —If you can't score an actual hairdresser to sort it out.... —Yeah, I already found one close by that.... —So stick with her, know what I mean? At this stage of growth... I goit this chick that does it for me... The thing is i cannot find the time to go to her, man. -What's up, uncle? Wanna come to the (inaudible) with us? —So, talk to my brother or someone who's got a car outside to drive you. —He said you should do it this time! —Come on, tell him to do it cause I can't. (inaudible) —Hey, with this thing attached to my beard and you pulling it, it's kinda hurting now. —Sorry, my bad ! —Lemme work a better position.... -Here, we should leave it here... -What time is it?—It's four thirty-five. —How long do you wanna keep doing it? —How long till it's enough to stop? —I don't know, maybe.. —What? —Maybe till five thirty? -Yeah, five thirty is ideal cause I gotta to do down there... —In one hour there will be progress enough and i will add some white ink here... ♪ Stir it up ♪ ♪ Ti ti ti e! Get up, stand up, don't give up your right ♪ —Hey Trout, you own me some ink man, I gonna collect! At the last second i'm gonna... ♪ singing ♪ ♪♪ —So it doesn't bruise you much i am gonna change the needles. Better keep an eye on it. —No, i did not wear that t-shirt. Are you wearing any of mine? -Is there , like, three needles in it? —Nope, it's a special needle pack, know what I mean? —No, i wore the ... last match, pardon, the one before that i wore the number 10 and on the last the 11. —On the match i wore the number 10 shirt i almost score 2 goals... This last match with the number 11 shirt I lost the sole chance of a goal we had ! We lost 7-1 yesterday, bro ! Ugly shit ! And that guy made the t-shirts design. Trout, this new t-shirt is gonna look so good , bro ! —Who did, Big Bruno? —No, even you could do some designs 'cause nothing is set yet. Big Bruno has several shirt models ready but nothing is set. The worst is that some of the players started going at each other, it broke the team apart, first half they fight, second half we had to put people who cannot play well. Dude started arguing with Big Bruno's brother, so Big Bruno jumped right in... So Bruno was out, Tapado was out and Wagner was out. No more replacements left and guess who they called ? Me, who doesn't play well... But i represented! Did my best. -♪ Dont give up the fight ♪ —Did you include some of that footage in this? —The wall footage? —Yeah —If I included anything extra? -Other that what you have showed me —You mean if I included that footage? —Yeah, that footage. —Not sure yet, they are... —One with you talking ? No... -Oh Yeah i did one talking, just before midnight. ♪singing in portugese♪ ♪ Ti ti ti e ... Dont give up the fight ♪ Don't give up! Oh, never give up the fight, never give up the fight ♪ ♪ Don't get up the fight! Cause I never give up the fight ♪ You are killing me man ! Killing me ! Speaking about killing, we were hanging yesterday, they asked to do some of the shooting but I had the tattoo scheduled, right? But it did not happen, so I got the guitar and we settled on that staircase doing some freestyle. Then several police cars go by. Like scouting . We came up, then the guys decided to put some of the amplifiers and the stereos on the street We put the amplifiers on the street and BAM, super street party ! After a while bunch of guys come up and say " The police whacked Gilmar down below !" You guys have to turn the amplifiers off and come down. then we find out the info is totally wrong, cause the guy was only taken for questioning ! —Yeah, the mess was just an illusion ! —But we heard some shots, there were shots for sure ! —Hard to stop wondering and gossiping about this stuff.. —Then we bailed out of there i went to bed. I was already time for me to sleep, i had no strengh left. —I have some shading and some pointillism coming next Is the lion getting this thingies, like —Yeah, —Whiskers? I'm doing it with white ink later. Now i need to color here And some pointillism as well —Be my guest, bro ! —Hey ! —Afterwards, you know, right? —How much was this? 24 bucks is what i owe you? Twenty four reais? —Yo, get lost, man ! —We talk later ! —It's cool, thanks. —We talk later on , ok ? —Those guys are tripping ( inaudible) now! —You come here bringing caps to the hood, but none to your bro ! —There's more here, look ! My brother asked me one too. I have to put you too to meet face to face. And the caps you two can discuss who's gonna get which. No, there's 2 I must use, other than those i think there must be 3 or 4 i can spare. They ain't fitiin' me. —Friday ♪ This needdle hurts, hurts..♪ ♪ Oh, I never give up to fight ♪ ♪ Oh, I never give up! Oh, I never give up to fight! Oh, I never give up♪ ♪ Oh, I never give up! ♪ (inaudible) Fuck, i pressed stop! —Then push Play ! —Put some Rappa on ( a Brazilian hiphop band) —Hey Dani ! —Yeah ! — Was there some wine in this last shipment ? —So get one of them bottles for these tricksters here ! —Dani, hey Dani, Wellington said next tattoo session is yours. —No, not today. Yeah, not today, the next session ! —Getting buffed, huh? —No, I am just getting stronger doing some exercises. You look bigger and buffed , crazy shit ! As the guy asked me to play O Rappa cd , here it goes. ♪ singing in portuguese ♪ This one here is the Santa Barbara team t-shirt. ♪ Oh, I never give up♪ —Have you been wearing this since you got it? —Friday. Dude left it for me where I work. He went to where i work and brought it there -What? No, this one is a basketball shirt bro ! If you wanna trade for something else.... —Where is that one i was wearing the other day... the green one i was wearing, someone find it ! That shirt is da bomb, man ! There are other models like that, you know? There's another one already open, one from Sao Paulo. I sold to a work colleague, bro. Is it done, isn't it? —Not done ! Is gettin' big later on and this part I will expand a little, so automatically is gonna... Women is mean as fuck, man ! Get that remote for me, would ya? —This one? -Yeah. —Sorry ! No, no, ok. —So fucked, women are all mean as fuck !

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Duration: 16 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 15, 2008

Getting a tattoo.

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