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Group721 Reinforcement Theory

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Hi everyone How about your weekend? OK! I'm find / Good last month our product sale lower So! I would like to increase sale who can offer something? umh.... and where is the marketing department? umh... sorry, I'm late Preaw, just first time don't come late again I want you go back and think how to increase about sale for this month Ok Ok, if who have a new idea I will give a reward for you Wowww Ok, thank you for today yes, see you again I have new idea it healthy brownie I think now a day

people interest in their helth so, I think it will be work good job! so, you have to list the budget

and do the healthy brownie If it ok, i will present to the manager ok, thank you Hi! Pueng I want you to do the budget for my new product ok, give me the formula umh.. tomorrow i will give you all the budget ok, i will come tomorrow thank you give me the budget list NO! I don't copy anything I don't say anything Oh~ Preaw today you are on time thank you ok, today i have a new product for our company it is will be increase our net income in company good job I will increase salary for you Thak thank you Mild, you have to find all ingredient of healthy brownie ok? yes and Toey you should to promote about our new product umh.. ok I will promote by facebook fanpage and other social network ok Excuse me but I have something to tell you what happend? yesterday i saw brunai she stole material from warehouse really? yes Preaw.. call brunai meet me now! what happen? Brunai! did you steal something from warehouse? right? yes why you did it? I'm sorry I really want money so! I will decrease you salary this is punishment ok? ok, I'm so sorry I'm really sorry ok, go back your work money! I will told you for formula! now, the formula of our new product leaked to other company confess to me ! who did it! who... Pueng... do you have something to say? NO..NO! what is this? I think you already know ok!!

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Posted by: ponkanok on May 8, 2016

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