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Learn Chinese with LanguageEase - free Chinese language lesson demo

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LanguageEase Demo Lesson Welcome to LanguageEase.

You're about to learn a few words in Mandarin Chinese and see how LanguageEase's lessons work. What makes Chinese so different from English is its emphasis on tone. You'll see what I mean now when we learn one of the four main tones in Mandarin Chinese. It's called the '3rd Tone.' The 3rd tone lengthens a syllable with a pitch that falls then rises. It's quite musical but it's also very unusual for English speakers. Here's how to say the word 'you'. [Chinese on screen] The 3rd tone is indicated with a little smile symbol over the 'i'. When you see that symbol, you know to make your tone fall and then rise. Let's try it. Repeat the word for 'you'. [Chinese on screen] Can you hear that falling, then rising tone? Say, "You." [Chinese on screen] Well done. Now in this lesson, we'll focus on the falling then rising 3rd tone when we learn to say, "Hello" and "How are you?" You already know one word. Now, the next word you need to learn is 'good'. [Chinese on screen] Notice the 3rd tone once again, which falls then rises. Imitate what you hear and say, "Good." [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] Great. Now we can put together 'you' and 'good' to make hello, which translates literally as 'you good'. Repeat hello. [Chinese on screen] [Chinese ] See how easy that is. You already know how to say, "Hello." Now, let's learn how to say, "How are you?" In Chinese, many sentences can be turned into questions by simply adding one word at the end -- the question word. [Chinese on screen] This word when placed at the end of a sentence changes it into a question. Repeat the question word. [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] Now, let's put this word together with 'you good' to make a question. Say, "How are you?" or literally, "You good, question word." [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] So how do you say hello? [Chinese on screen] Say, "how are you?" [Chinese on screen] Now say, "Hello, how are you?" [Chinese on screen] Now, let's learn how to answer the question, "How are you?" with, "I'm good." To say, "I'm good," you simply say the word, "Good." Say, "I'm good." [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] Now, answer this question. [Chinese] [Chinese on screen] Now, let's learn to say, "Very good." Listen to the Mandarin for 'very'. [Chinese on screen] There's that 3rd tone again, which falls then rises. [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] Now say, "Very good." [Chinese on screen] [Chinese] And answer the following greeting with, "I'm doing very well," or literally, "I'm doing very good." [Chinese] [Chinese on screen] Excellent. In the last few minutes, you just learned some extremely useful phrases in authentic Mandarin Chinese and that's what LanguageEase is all about. You're on your way to learning Chinese. Well, that's the end of this lesson. I'll see you soon for your next LanguageEase Mandarin lesson. LanguageEase Demo Lesson LanguageEase Flashcards You. [Chinese on screen] Good. [Chinese on screen] Hello. [Chinese on screen] Question word. [Chinese on screen] How are you? [Chinese on screen] Very good. [Chinese on screen] Congratulations! You have finished the short Demo Lesson. You're on your way to speaking Chinese! Learn more at

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