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Discover Kabbalah Part 1 Class #1 : karen Berg weekly message about consciousness

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Many times we've had this conversation in the centers and it was about "what is this thing that we call consciousness?" What is consciousness? How do you, where do you hold it? How can you define it? Well, we define it basically as 90% of our talent, our mind, our ability is basically sleeping Because the scientists say we use 6% of our brain, whatever... But what does that mean ok, so we're not cognizant we walk down the street and somebody passes us by and he's bleeding, we don't see him. We're not cognizant or somebody walks into our office and he has a different expression in his face we don't pick it up That's what it means that we don't see consciousness, the idea of consciousness is being connected with each thing in our life. In other words, they pick up an apple and they say a prayer over it before they it eat why? Basically what we're saying is you know we need this food to be able to produce your work so we can do better for mankind. That's what the prayer is about, it's not about the apple. It's about my consciousness into why I'm eating this apple The same thing we find true in everything around us and as we use the ability to click into looking at people, observing things, seeing, reading the lines of the words that people are writing we become more clear, and more clear and we'll be able to enter that other person's way of thinking and become more in rapport with him why is that important? Because consciousness is living matter it means that if I say to myself today today is the best day of my whole life I'm starting out with much more chips than I had before. And the opposite, unfortunately, is true what we put out there what we magnify into the universe for ourselves remember, each one of us magnifies to thousands of people, generates a different light around us we're all part of this huge puzzle. So when we say the world is good and things around us are good and the people around us are there to help us we are increasing the consciousness of the world. And if we so do than that person that comes in and you say "he feels something" you say "Did something happen?" and they turn to you and they say "Well, I just had a fight with my wife" Can I help you? Is there something we can talk about? you're involved. You become more aware and that awareness alows you to pick things up that were here before had you'd never seen because in these little essences in these little type of tools each day we pick up and connect to a different form of consciousness different place of awareness and that awareness will grow the same way our muscles atrophied without use and with use it becomes strong also is true with our conscious mind our conscious mind wants us to be aware then it can help us, then it can grow with us. But you and I have to know that it's there and that it depends on everything that you say there are entities right here right with me that are looking to pick up a negative word and bring it in to a certain place and on the other hand, a positive word there's an entity standing next to me waiting for me to say "I bless G-d", so they can take it right up there. And if we, each one of us, become cognizant, that everyday these entities walked with us can you imagine the things we wouldn't say and do? Enjoy.

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