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PlaySight at Hoop City - SmartCourt for Basketball

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My name is Reid Ouse and I'm the Program Director here at Hoop City where we have installed a PlaySight SmartCourt. What that means is that we have five cameras that are synced together and are connected to an on-court touch-screen console. You know, my first interaction that I had with PlaySight was really exciting. The instant replay feature I think is the best part about PlaySight. Coaches are constantly talking about the importance of flow and practice and games, and so having the ability to walk over to the board and push instant replay, it pops up quickly, you are able to dissect what the issue is, break it down and get right back onto the floor. You can be in and out in 25 to 30 seconds. Players are coming in here whether they are in third grade or they are college and professional players. They come in here and the first thing they are talking about is are we going to be able to use the monitor? Am I going to be able to watch my work out after we are done? Can I take it home with me? And the answer is "yes". So from camps to workouts and practices and games, all of that now the players not only have the ability what we take notes in a lot of our workouts, now they can take those notes and cross reference them with actual video footage by the time they get to their car, leaving the facility, which is pretty cool, the game still fresh in their mind. The life streaming feature is great. I work with a lot of players whose parents say that: "If we have to work till four", and there is a game at four, and they are still at work, they now have the ability on their iPhone or their tablet to pull up a game and to watch their kids. So now they are not missing out on that, and when they come home at the dinner table now they can have a conversation as if they were at the game. I've been able to work with various film machine platforms in my basketball career, and well, a lot of those are effective, I think PlaySight is completely different. The other technologies allow to pull clips, but it takes a while as opposed to PlaySight really being in real time grab that footage, show it to your player, so that they can make the adjustments off of that in real time. For us to be able to go get real time video footage an talk to a player about their footwork, being able to sell a drive by maybe extending one leg forward two or three inches more or talking about a balance stance being able to give a player options. That ability to go and dissect that immediately gives the player that extra benefit of being able to carry over their training and bring it directly into the game. PlaySight has the ability to connect players with their training to their off the floor social and mobile experience, which is going to allow them to tap into the next generation of basketball players.

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PlaySight at Hoop City - SmartCourt for Basketball

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