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Singularity University Presentation

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When I read "The Singularity is Near", and looked at the key disciplines, the thought came to my mind that "My God, this subject would be perfect for an interdisciplinary University!" There is really no other institution that studies the exponential growth of information technology, and how it can solve the major problems of the world. We held a founding conference here at NASA Ames. We brought together 50 of the leading thinkers to talk about founding a Singularity University! Where the top graduates and faculty would come together every summer for nine weeks and study, across disciplines, across cultures, across national boundaries, the exponentially growing technologies. And really create a place where the world's biggest problems hunger, poverty, climate change, energy could be looked at from this interdisciplinary side. Imagine attacking the issue of hunger from an AI, robotics standpoint What we are trying to do is create a group of young leaders that can understand the implications of the rapid acceleration that is happening in a lot of technologies today and manage that technology. So that combined with the fact that these technologies are now interacting with each other and the intersection of these creates extraordinary technologies: nanorobots that could act as red blood cells for example... Each of those intersections could create and launch whole new companies whole new industries, and could really impact humanity and address the grand challenges that humanity faces today. At the Singularity University if you come as a student, you're going to take courses in the following disciplines: networks, and computing systems, biotechnology, and bioinformatics, medicine, neural systems, and human enhancement AI, and robotics, policy, ethics, and law So if you come in, as an expert in nanotechnology, you are going to learn about molecular genetics, you are going to learn about medicine, and human enhancement, AI and robotics and vice versa. You are going to learn the vocabulary, you are going to find partners to start new companies and we expect incredible magic! The University will be focused on three different programs The major one will be in the summer, and there will be nine weeks for graduate level students to come in and stay on campus with NASA. The other two are focused on professionals who are already out in the workforce. These are the people who are going to be bringing about the next generation of breakthroughs, and the people who support us whether it's the venture capital funds, or the corporate sponsors, will have the first chance to recruit them invest in their companies, and help set the agenda for even the team and design projects that during the summer we do each year. The goal of the Singularity University is to get the best minds in these information fields with the best students in the world. Both will contribute to each other, and we will basically foster a deeper understanding of how we can solve the world's major problems. Having Ray as the chancellor, being able to use his book and writings as the curriculum gives us a huge headstart and a tremendous amount of global credibility. Every University needs a chief visionary, and Ray fits that bill! The process by which we are going about looking for and selecting and selecting faculty is a rigorous one. We are really reaching out here in the Silicon Valley area and also around the world to find the best teachers to become faculty at this University. What we are doing is we are assemblinga track chair who's got deep expertise across a whole domain and then a set of advisors who are doing really deep research in this area all kind of gathered around this track chair and the students will have access to the expertise of all of that. But the most key thing we'll get at Singularity University is this global network By coming to SU, you are going to get connected with the top thinkers in this community There will be companies started, there'll be collaborative research projects started... The same thing happened in the International Space University which was our model for building Singularity University. And the same thing is going to happen here!

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Singularity University Presentation III

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