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Consciousness 1 - The Defining Consciousness Debate

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Desteni Presents The Defining Consciousness Debate The big consciousness debate an interesting thing and another way to look at what consciousness is- is what we have found through the portal is that you can speak to each individual cell but you can also speak to the relationship between two cells and that that relationship in itself forms it's own- individuality and that individuality that it forms is- as the result of the relationship which and that result of the relationship is an energy that forms now the physical human being exist- consist of multiple individual parts which is cells and each cell we just do that as a 'broad view' each one of these cells are individual beings that you can actually speak to and that has the similar perspectives to any human beings you may speak to in this world what is born from the relationships that is formed between all the cells of the physical body as it moves together within the agreement of it's pre-design as a system that system being the complete physical human system generates in that movement of relationship, an energy that energy in itself is also an individual and aware that is consciousness and that is what manifest as the individual person in this world and that is why, what we have found, when the person dies and they get to the other side of the divide nothing remains in essence of that personality although, there is still a Life-force present so what is fascinating for instance is that the specific point- of what is fascinating about the specific point of the of the energy is that the energy itself cannot exist in the form it existed in the physical body as the personality because this personality was the result of the relationship between all the cells individually as it experienced itself individually within it's environment it cannot continue existing without the physical in the form it existed in the physical the form that exist in any environment is dependent entirely on its environment it does not actually design or create its environment that's very clearly shown on earth the human do not create the environment on earth the human are actually 'formed' by the environment on earth the human impact is limited to the system that it imposed on its environment and that system in itself disregard the environment completely because the human do not understand what environment really means similarly to not understanding what the environment of the human body really is similarly to not understanding where and what consciousness really actually is and whether it is even a valid part of anything that is of value very clearly, the human has limited itself extensively to purely an energetic reflection as consciousness which is not considering even the source as the physical and therefore it is fickle and do not produce a long lasting result within self-creation at all it is important to consider that there are much more that one can actually do about- your experience on earth within a physical context but within that you have to understand and consider that what you regard god to be is nothing else but your very consciousness you experience yourself to be but it is a temporary god hood because once your domain or your planet or your country or your universe is taken away which is your physical body nothing of you really remain because what you were defined as was in a relationship with the physical as you existed without that relationship, you as the consciousness identified person no longer exist Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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