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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~15:35:35 - 15:51:11

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—Nothing yet? —Listen, the solo! — Heavy. —The guys paid the prizes? —Don't know. —It's at Paulo's —You left them there? —It's there at Paulo's. The didn't want to go. That guy, Paulo, didn't he pick his hot? —He did. —But have you called? —Oh, I thought he was down there. —Loco, I'm going for a walk. —Hm? —I'm going for a little walk. —Watch my face, nigga... — Put yourself together brother, relax. That there is awesome. It's just equal. - It's blurred. What's up Lion? —Hey Lion? Why don't you write... — King of the jungle. — King of the jungle...King Lion, I don't know. Pretty cool. —Hey, write here, painted. —It's cool here! King Lion — Lion, Lion — After lion write something like this, hey — Rael Lion. King Lion. Put King on the top, like this — And here Lion, Lion — There! Here! Like this, look, King on top, Rael in the middle and Lion on the bottom. King size — Ah! That's it — King size. So what? It's arriving, it's arriving? [inaudible] Look it there, it's swelling right? Said it was swelling. Is he there today? — He'll pass here. I'm gonna put it like this: Rael of Lion. Rael, the Lion. It's insane, right Paulinho? Babylon! Who's there in Assau? —Don't know... —I Know he trailled videogame. —Thought about those two girls? — What? — That one. I think he's in the...cell, look. Energize, hum? — That one is energize, I was talking to her there — You're crazy dude, I was here in the... Really energize. You're the king, nigga. But she said that also tomorrow morning when she goes to bed... ...she's done. — Sorry there. — Peaceful. Still, still, still. Work it out, work it out? —So, Tom just called. Look there. It was just to end. Hey! What's up man... I'm here. Got it. —We live through several women... It's fucked, see... [inaudible] Was in that scene yesterday too, understand? That stuff is coming around here nowadays. Then comes the crazy owner of the little party there... —Those women... —...spoke like that: hey! Wants to see you there for a chase, don't know what else there, and bam! I said, Alimar, ain't like that. They're going away and bam! And then I spoke that, look bro, I thing I'll go there. And the guys: gather yourself buddy... — Gather yourself..., because there is women, ok? And the was already so...that he forgot it was being recorded. Hey, do you mind if I close the window a bit more? —No. No one is coming in there. No, ventilation's important...keep only a crack here because it's starting to get cold. Go, go. —Israel! — Hey! Not enjoying mum? - Hm? - Not enjoying? —It's nice... —Gonna let her prettier... — Are gone? [inaudible] But it's gonna be cool after. I'm just entering for... — You stay there with Rodrigo? — It was time to promote the king of the jungle mum. What? What happened with São Paulo, hm? What's up Pedro? What happened with São Paulo, hm? One to zero for the Estudiantes. Then, last Sunday, three to one...with the International. —Where's my cell? Left it on my pocket? Ah's there. —Come in here. Remember my cell? — I remember. — You remember. [inaudible] —Lion! —It's really gringo right? That pen would stay with you right? —You don't have nerve, hun bro? That's sad... —So, there is...there is time when it's no use preparing yourself for the pain, understand? —It will come na hour in which you'll stop doing faces. Oh, that sound is pretty crazy bro. Do you think it's solid? If you think it is firm, it's strong, look. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] Dona Ana! Dona Ana is total resolution! Dona Ana is total resolution there, look! Right, in the necessity times there she's the one that... ...showed up there in the hospital. If it was for her I wasn't even here today. —Then you go down in the bar there, and we have a quick word, strenghten that there because you deserve. —Took a while Dona Ana. —I want victory! I want to see that there really... ...high. —Took a while Dona Ana. —Don't you forget. —It's cool. I've got to go down there for an hour, show up in the final part.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 14, 2008

Getting a tattoo.

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