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[MIRROR philhellenes]: 3 TRULY Magic Words (Try 'Em).

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how to use an argument and by losing so easy not the first time the first time you get a is risky and it's difficult and he's scaring me something that you almost have to be forced into but when you go to the three magic words i was wrong strange things happen you have to see with your own are using the eyes of those result assaying i was wrong when your school how do you usually entry and exit there i think the reason being we at social animals we feel as if we say that we are wrong weird missing defeat which will result in a lot of us status within the try it the playground vidartes amongst our friends we think that if we say that we were wrong know whether this is again doesn't mean he's wrong remixes maybe try saying i was wrong with children and it's some of this she could present job haha and that was sent from nothing to lose his children the cheekbones and branded as with this less bass privileges we think that people will laugh it's as if we've met if we've met era on anything i was a big u_s_ uh... when i was young when i was put in a corner by a small ticket with more knowledge and it was felt was a child i think about fourteen something like that and somebody put me in a corner and i was i was being humiliated i'll say more more stupid stuff and digging myself a bigger diva more embarrassing hole leakage laughing at me and then i'll have this sort of flashes desperate inspiration well-connected into this whole was laughing at me and i don't seem to be able to score points against his kid everything i say to him he's national concern back at me and making people laugh at me while cannot do send expression i said i was wrong math anymore than they were already laughing at me the waiting list was seven all the method stuff and soften no doubt this is my opinion again which was my fears i admitted that i was wrong opposite was true instincts often lots of his new sink that no one of the message was if we have many era that incident is aligned bitch because it's not true the opposite is true and watch what happens with the person that you are dealing with you can go from zero to hero with st louis now if you know me you know that this is leading toward religion i think the sort of christians believe in christianity not cross who've seen schizophrenic one for the same beautiful things and actually saying elect discussing things you must love me more than your parents more than your children thought that through the fucking thing you are jesus many body of the jesus this week fluffy jesus there are some wonderful things in both the bottle and the crowd but against the schizophrenia good this shipmates what you have to have both what's the matter is is this election people say though if we get away with these holy books where would we get our governments will get your guidance from the holy ghost you picking and choosing now anyway so why not continues because usually lose the lessons of little red riding hood and all the other mythologies just by knowing that and that's all it is co-star we take the lessons through allegory these studies we don't have to believe these things are literally true the three little pigs the concrete house is better than the schoolhouse you don't have to believe that three little pigs actually inside well the world's coastal both trombone asses venue no one believes that's true but we'll learn the lesson of a whitening not apply to the holy ghost what can we not continue to learn the lessons of the good samaritan well not necessarily believing that the good samaritan mentioned in the book actually walked out without pay to have we just living in the atomic dot katie sloan i asked ten people believing this content munchkin dark ages are not the case wherein the sources slightly less dot pages the enlightenment i don't think is really happened yet not as a global movement anyway something that people stay in religion because they simply cuts and i was wrong they rely too much to really believe that god is listening to them that match ten you will need to know a thing walked in all of the good things that the religious too without religion so i know this is not necessary and i do not believe designed special that's maybe not problem millions and millions and created a special and he's one of the season speed i'm fucking exceptionally rabin is a human being or you don't need religion to be a good person one of the state tend to pay if i'm right that you don't need religion to be a good person then well natalie holding onto it for your holding on to it a lot easier i think because you com said i was wrong because you fear that if you do that people will laugh and point and never listen to you again it's not true if you say i was wrong if you have the courage to stand up all sit down in front of the video camera and say i was wrong you'll be amazed at the responses of the facts majority of people who do you say that yes that would be the five-year-old as on you shouldn't set an artist and i don't think anyone else recesses if you turn around and say i was wrong especially on a big subject lifestyle munchkin i'm not sure all how i could be more impressed by we care about you canyons of people whose opinions count two is whether we like them or not whether we like the opinion on all we care about those people's opinion i think on tuesday this is a lot of this case want expect basics they will swear blinds that's not the case that deep down something they want some respect and i think is so hard to learn it is in the eighties and you can and industry works time off i was wrong u_n_ it instantly it happens there in that you get here say three fucking words and you can have all this that you want more than you could possibly imagine believe not learned the lesson having you know that that's how you get yes it does take courage yes you have to hold your breath wondering what the backlash will be she will be what you think it will be respect it will be aberration on my part is so that i hear someone say armstrong i'm wrong one and he said i was wrong if you say you are wrong will change to see you saying that you know it's like a very well i don't think i think if you have a safe i am wrong no one can ever say i'm wrong all like to say i was wrong because the man you say i'm wrong you're right and giving on the stand you being courageous and electrician knew that this is behaving in the chill sensible fashion trying try and look in the eyes of the others to see what happens if they continue to laugh and i was born with whoever they are whatever that means nine times out of ten or more you will see shock and you will see this fact i don't know how else to get this across you've got it right and execute never let me down a comedy death the works it's magic i've never asked for video responses in a hundred and sixty three days i've never done we've seen too selfless rising without really really would like to see some religious people to some videos where they say if i am wrong on any subject they don't have to say they were wrong about go if they could say they were wrong about i don't know the venetian astrophysics the age of the earth the biblical passage crowning passage few ninety-six much muscle cells out then of going to be a response because we've all of these cells maybe not being atv's that we were wrong about something because i think his children the vast majority of is believed that what apache telling us was at least worthy of consideration about the author alaska so i'm not asking for that but it really wouldn't new a lot of respect for me if you could say you were wrong about something to do with your police wish you hadn't previously admitted is something i thought that sihanouk you can't even tonight i make in this area is made me realize how red those three words out and only use vending from on one u to experience what i sees the first time i say this shopping reaction furthers if you can i want you to do a video saying that you were wrong about something so that you can see in the comments people do you think despise you and hate you and respected so i want you to see the shuttle from them i want you to feel suspects that they will certainly give you because you can say those three words it might make it easy for you to say is second and third time but then when you actually believe you are wrong well

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Posted by: ateistisrbije on May 6, 2011

I am NOT asking ANYONE to deny their God. But were you wrong about atheists? Admit it. See what happens. Were you wrong about something to do with your religion? Admit it. See what happens. Have you defended something on YouTube or elsewhere that you no longer believe to be true but don't know how to admit it? Take a deep breath and admit it. And see what happens. The bigger the admission the more courage it requires, but the greater the reward. This might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take it, if you can. Get your self-respect back and earn the respect of others, but ONLY if you are sincere.

Saying, "I was wrong" can change your life, and you, and how others see you, more than you can imagine, but you can only learn the lesson by actually saying it. This "magic" works. :)

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