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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~18:16:54 - 18:31:55

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Come over here, Memory. You're the one who went to ask for more food. I'm telling you the truth. -Is the boss there? -Yes. -Aunt! -Yes. -Can you come and get these? -I'm reading! Reading as if she doesn't want to. There's no problem with that. If anything, the visitors feel relaxed. Don't worry. That's the way things go. Thanks. But seriously, if you're talking about being ready, I'm ready. You should be following the young man. -Who? Me? -Yes. She's pointing at you. There, you can go. -Is that from Gift's mother's place? -Yes. -Bright? -That's me. Have we carried uhh... What was that again? Will the people manage to cross here safely? You can easily fall asleep. Aren't you going to eat? -Will you just sleep? -Edith! What's up? -Memory, I know you're just trying to provoke me. -Get lost! -Hey! Where is it? Can you burn that little thing? Oh dear, it's disappeared... Memory? Pass that to me, let me light it up. -1, 2. -Thomas Chibade. Go on. [Song] "You remind me of the time when I had my wife." "I had been with her for ages. We were so much in love." "Lots of people used to envy us." "She had such a beautiful baby-face." "But she died and is in her grave." "And the memories of her are still fresh." "All I do is wipe away my tears, knowing that what's happened has happened." "These are my words." Have you seen my underwear? Do you have any? Wait for some nsima [cornmeal]. I'll be going through my books. There are so many answers marked wrong. It's mathematics. I'll just have a look at math. Wait for the nsima [cornmeal]. This isn't a place to be. Where's my pen? They must have stolen it. That's because I don't trust people. They easily steal pens. [Song] "I've traveled far and wide..." "I've looked all around and searched everywhere, but haven't found him..." "There's no one like him. Never, never can one be found..." "I've walked far and wide..." "I've looked all around..." Whoever has taken my black pen will develop some kind of disability. -Hey. -Yes. -Where has Aunt gone? -She's outside. Do the writing for Esime. No. Just lend me your pen? I thought I told you I can't find my black pen. Go and fetch it. Only when you find it will I lend it to you. I finally found my pen. Here it is. Were you asking for mine so that you could run mine out? You were lying that you'd lost yours. We should teach each other math, right? -Come here and we'll teach each other. -I don't want to! [Song] "Everything has got its own time. Time to mourn and to be happy..." "Don't be worried, my friend, because your time will come..." I'll start by writing a person. I'll write a person... Kilometer, hectometer, decameter, decimeter... No! Meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter... What else can I draw? I would draw a house but I don't have color pencils... Meter, deci, cent... 18, 6, 3, 31... 8, 1... 24, 6, 2. How many? I mean, How many centimeters make one decimeter? How many times will 100 go into? 10. Capital letter. 14, 13... -This one? -No. Is this not right, Aunt? Memory, here's the nsima [cornmeal]. "I've walked far and wide..."

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 154
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 26, 2008


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