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Sami Awad: A Global Vision

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global oneness project A Global Vision One thing that I think is very important and its again, a process of learning and developing, is to understand that as part of the human body, Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director The Holy Land Trust any act of violence that any part of that body suffers immediately is felt by the entire body as well. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not isolated, is not any more special, is not unique, and is not in vacuum from any other conflict that takes place around the world, and if we want to be engaged in healing at this level, we have to recognize and understand that engaging in healing now, and achieving healing here will also achieve a healing process around the world as well. Any conflict, any occupation, any colonial system that ends, any oppression that ends, any racism that ends in any country in this global world we live in, as pain reflects throughout the world, healing also reflects throughout the world. If we begin to understand that we are all equal, we are all one as humans, and we begin to deal with these conflicts, not in their isolation, but in their inclusivity as part of the global violence and conflict that we see, and our global desire to heal this body that is really dying of all of the violence and pain that it is suffering, then we begin to look at that future with new eyes, and we begin to look at that future where we see this global vision where everyone and their identity is respected for who they are and is treated as equal and given equal opportunities like everyone else. I feel it is very possible and it is all in the commitment that you make to make this happen. It could start with a few hundred people. But it is at what level of commitment are these few hundred people committing their live to work for that global vision. There are many people who talk about it, many people who dream of it, millions of people who want to see it happen. Its a dream for many people, but it takes people moving from that dream to commitment to action, full commitment every day of your life 24 hours a day, to commit fully to a global vision, and that's when you will see changes happen that go even beyond people's dreams.

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Posted by: global on Aug 11, 2008

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