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[Getting Started] [Featuring Excerpts from the 7x7 Quality Improvement Course] [Perspective] >>As Uber partners, we make money by getting people where they are going from point A to point B. So often when we are driving, our focus is on getting as many trips as quickly as possible, dropping off one rider and moving right on to the next. But Uber isn't just about drivers and the number of trips that we get, it is also about riders and how they rate us. That means you need to think about the rider's perspective. How does the rider feel in your car? If you made them feel unsafe or unwelcome in your car, you are getting a bad rating. To get a great rating, you really need to change your perspective so that you are thinking about safety and customer service with every single rider. [The Home Screen] When you first sign in to the Uber partner app, you will see what's called your home screen. On the upper left of the screen there is a magnifying glass. You can use this to set a destination when you are driving. In the top center of the screen, it will show you the amount you have earned so far that day. If you select it, you can see a summary of your most recent trip. You can then swipe right and you will see the number of trips you have completed that day. If you swipe right one more time, you will see any quest goals available in your area. If you don't want the amount earned to be visible you can select the eye symbol in the upper left of the box. On the bottom left, you can see the shield icon. This is for the safety options, so you can share your trip with someone you trust. If you select the go button, you will go online and you will be available for trip requests. If you select that white bar on the bottom, you will see your trip planner. When you are offline or between trips, the trip planner shows you the hourly trends in your area. If you are on a trip, the trip planner shows you the upcoming steps of your current trip. There is also the option to stop new requests, which will allow you to go offline after this trip is over. [Clean, Neat and Organized] >>Sit in the back seat of your car at the beginning of each day. When you are sitting back there, you really get the rider's perspective. Take a moment to look around and clean up anything you find. If there is trash stuffed between the seat cushions, you can clean up before it is ever a problem. You also want to make sure your trunk is clear of clutter so there is room for you to put your rider's luggage or shopping bags. And, between each trip check the back seat over your shoulder to make sure it is nice for your next rider. Just take a look back there as you are saying goodbye. One of the reasons this is so important is because riders rate how they feel. If the car is dirty and cluttered, it makes the rider feel uncomfortable and that will be reflected in how they rate you at the end of the trip. On the other hand a clean car can impress the rider and make them feel better about the trip. [Taking a Trip] >>When you are online and you app beeps and lights up, you are receiving a rider request. You have about 10 seconds to accept a trip request. You see where it says one minute? That is about how long it should take you to pick up the rider from your location. This screen also shows you the rider's pick up point, their star rating and the kind of Uber they have ordered. Once you accept the trip request, you will then make your way to the pick up point. When you are close to your rider, the app automatically sends the rider a notification that you are arriving. The destination will appear after you have started the trip. Once you get your rider to their destination, you can complete the trip and then enter the star rating for the rider. [Uberpool] >>When you pick up a rider and Uber asks you to confirm the number of passengers at the pick up point, that means it is an Uber pool trip. As drivers, Uber pool trips are great because we stay busier and we make more money. If you are on an Uber pool trip, you do need to get ready for the second trip request during that trip. Confirm the number of riders and follow the navigation that Uber gives you. When you get a second trip request, follow the directions to pick up that rider, it's that simple. Remember that because we are following Uber's directions, the first rider in might be the last rider out. The rider is paying us according to the route Uber gave us, so we want to make sure to follow those directions. [Review: Riders rate how they feel, safety + customer service = great ratings!] [Understand the app so you can be confident on the road] [Start your day with a clean car and get in the habit of tidying it throughout the day.]

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