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CPC 2019 Official Video v4

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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 2019 Cadet Programs Conference! So General Assemblies is a way that we start the morning at CPC with music, with entertaining skits. But the main thing behind General Assemblies is that we are trying to provide both an entertaining and educational experience for our cadets in California Wing. So General Assemblies was created as an opportunity for cadets around the wing to really come together and experience everything that the wing, region, and even at the national level has to offer. Ultimately, they have a good time while they're also gaining something valuable out of it. The seminars that we provide at CPC are ultimately aimed towards giving students a wide variety of different knowledge bases or different experiences based on the instructors that we have who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. On average, we have a hundred seminars a year We're very fortunate. That's everything from military instructors that volunteer their time to senior members and cadets alike. It's broken into categories. We have the missions: emergency services, aerospace education, leadership. We also have ethics classes. We have electives; which we usually have a lot of electives to choose from. everything from salsa dancing to how to play the trumpet and everything in-between. The Activities Career Expo (ACE) is actually kind of a multifold use. At the core, it's a networking event because networking is one of our best resources in Civil Air Patrol Cadets get to come, they get to have fun, they get to experience different games and team-building things and have a great time but on the flip side, what we've realized is cadets don't always have the opportunity at home to learn about college opportunities, scholarships, funding career categories, how to join a Service Academy. Everything that you can think of - life after high school. And so this is a great opportunity for people to come together and ask the right questions and get the right answers that they deserve. The banquet is essentially the capstone activity at CPC, where on Sunday night, everyone shows up, everyone is dressed up nice food is catered in. We have special guest speakers who, as has been the theme for the past few years, who are young, innovative individuals who are meant to inspire the cadets that we have in attendance. Ultimately, everyone leaves the banquet just having had a great time It's one of the most unique events that we provide at CPC I think the most valuable thing about CPC is the fact that it brings together various groups of cadets from across the state. And when you come to an activity like this, and you can meet people not only from within your own wing, but you can meet people from other wings within the region and even outside of the region, it really connects you. Many CAP members go on to do great things and knowing other people that are also striving for the same goals and same objectives is really helpful. and it's through that camaraderie that the Cadet Programs here in California Wing as a whole is strengthened. as individuals will go forward from here with new friends, who later on, they can work with in making the Cadet Programs that much better and that much brighter at future events

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