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[Brian Tyler, CEO] Hi! I'm Brian Tyler and I'm delighted to welcome you to Team McKesson. McKesson is in the business of better health. As a new member of our global team you'll be an important part of our work to improve care in every setting— One product, one partner, one patient at a time. McKesson is an industry leader with a nearly 200 year proven track record of innovation in health care. We connect manufacturers to providers and to patients. We distribute innovation through the system to get the right therapy to the right patient at the right time. And, we preserve choice so that the provider and patient can pick the right care at the right cost. Our industry needs your talents now more than ever. We're in an era of unprecedented change in health care. It's exciting and it's personal. We've all been there as a patient, as a care giver, as a friend and a loved one. We understand the difference we can make when we put the patient at the center of all that we do. As we welcome you to McKesson, I want to introduce you to what we call the McKesson way of working together. We have a strong set of company values we call 'i care'. [i care] These values guide and unify us in how we treat each other, and our customers, and everyone we interact with in our daily business life. [Integrity, Customer-First] I care stands for integrity, customer-first, [Accountability, Respect, Excellence] accountability, respect, and excellence. We also have a set of core leadership behaviors we call 'i lead'. [i lead] We believe that everyone, regardless of title or position has the opportunity and the responsibility to lead. [Inspire, Leverage] This commitment to leadership stands for inspire, leverage, [Execute, Advance, Develop] execute, advance, and develop. And because integrity is critical to our culture we take our code of conduct very seriously. For us, doing things the right way, every day, is the only way. Our i care values, i lead behaviors, and our code of conduct are the foundations of our great culture. They help ensure that we all work in a company where each of us can take pride in our work and grow our careers with purpose. These values help create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels connected and engaged, and where it's safe to speak up, take risks, and try new ideas. I'm excited to see how you bring your unique skills and talents to our company and this important industry. As you complete the onboarding program you'll learn more about McKesson's impressive history, our strategies for the future, and all the great ways we support and celebrate our employees throughout their careers. Again, welcome to the team. I hope you have a long, happy, and fruitful career with McKesson. ♫ [McKesson]

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