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Rav Berg on the true meaning of forgiveness

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A Journey to the Beginning of the Endless A Journey to the Beginning of the Endless A Journey to the Beginning of the Endless 28 Days to a Spiritual Renaissance What change, if any, has taken place over the past two thousand years? None! In fact every generation is another rerun of the same movie. Nothing has taken place. Nothing has changed. Whether on a prior incarnation, or a present incarnation, we have not, restored the flaws that we ourselves have created. So we may be coming back generation, after generation, after generation, and incarnation, after incarnation, with the same flaws. And never understanding how we can remove the defect. Because as long as you do not remove the defect, you have not restored civilization to where it was prior to your negative activity. And so long as we do not restore we cannot ask for forgiveness. Because the flaw, the defect, the chaos, still continues. Do you want forgiveness? You have to cleanse everything you have done. It is not enough to say forgive me. That is not the meaning of Slichot, or Salach Li in Hebrew. On the contrary, The word is providing us with a message. You want forgiveness? You cannot get it by asking for it. What you can do is: Ani LeDodi Di VeDodi Li. You must become a Creator. Just like the Creator. First, the Creator, whatever is being created, is created without a flaw. Well, how can I do something like that? If I act like the Creator. If I act in greed, I act as a negative individual, never. No matter how many times you beg for forgiveness, never will you be forgiven, by virtue of asking for forgiveness. It requires a cleansing of negative consciousness, of negative activity. But one more aspect, you have got to return to the back to the future. You have got to return back before the flaw began. Because if you do not go back to the future, the chaos that you have brought upon mankind, or an individual, if it remains, that defect is yours, and you cannot come in and ask, please forgive me, when that flaw, that chaos that you created, continues to fester, manifest and create misery for others, that you were the origin and cause of. And therefore, it is essential that we cleanse ourselves, meaning, we accept a consciousness of creator. But that comes with responsibility. To cleanse, to assume, that we want to change our internal nature. If it's one of greed, you have got to change it. Because our life depends on it. The Kabbalah Centreā„¢ Learn Transform Connect

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