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(Will you push your child for marriage?) I will certainly. Nowadays, the youth have a lot of pressure in their job and life. So, they don't want to marry. Parents have to push them to marry. When the youth at the age of marriage, they should as it is the correct age. If you can not find spouse, you can ask someone to introduce you to a new person and hurry up. Going on a blind date? It is upto him/her My son found his wife by a blind date (Do you think your parents will push you for marriage?) Parents pushing us for marriage cannot be avoided and I am already prepared for it. Absolutely! I dont care. My mom said, "Maybe I will not have a marriage in my life." It is not pushing me to have a marriage but it is like urging me to marry. I feel this problem too. They have fixed a blind date for me I face this problem too. I just want my parents to leave me alone. My parents dont push me, but my relatives push me for marriage. Maybe I will not have a marriage in my life and my parents won't push me because they are afraid that I will have mental stress. (Do you agree with pushing your children for marriage?) I am pretty worried about my son's and daughter's marriage. They are in their 30's but they don't any relationships. I keep saying to my children, "If you find a approriate partner, you should marry her. If you don't, I will find someone." I said to my son, "If you can't find a girlfriend, you are useless and is there something wrong with you?" I said to my daughter, "You are not required to be a good wife and mother, but you must wash clothes and cook meals for your husband." When it is windy, she will give sweater. When it is raining, she will open an umbrella for me. When I am hungry, she will make food for me. Basically, you want a maid. I said to my son, "You must find a girlfriend this year!". I am very worried about him. Sometimes I ask my wife, "Is there something wrong with our son? Because he does not have the consciousness to marry at all." Traditionally, you have to extend the family line at least. I am more determined than anyone. I don't want to be a reproductive machine. If you like children, you can give me a little brother.

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Posted by: shubikirti on Jul 6, 2017

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