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Microsoft Word 2010 APA Format Tutorial

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All right! Hello to anyone out there watching this video! This is a short guide to formatting a document in APA Style using Word 2010, brought to you by the Daytona State College Writing Center. All right. First thing I'm going to do is go to Page Layout, click on Margins, and make sure that Normal is checked. This is the default setting. It's also APA's preference, so it never hurts to double-check. After that, we'll go back to the Home Tab, click on the Font Control dialogue, and under Font here we're gonna type "Times New Roman" and then under size, select 12. And then we'll say, "Set as Default" so that we get it for the whole document. We don't have to make any more changes to the font or the size from now on. If you write a lot of APA papers, you can hit, um, "All Documents" based on the normal template. This is a one-shot or you're going to switch between a lot of styles and just go ahead and select this document only. All right. After that, we need to insert our header. So we're going to go over to the Insert Tab and click on Header. And we'll just pick a blank, the first selection. APA likes a nice non-flashy header. Um... one thing we're going to need to do is in the Design tab here, select Different First Page. That's because we're gonna type the words "Running Head" and they belong only on the first page. After that, go ahead and type a shortened version of the title you're gonna use... and this will actually be your running head. After that, depending on how long your uh, running head is, you need to hit tab either once or twice... do it all the way to the far right. then we'll... next we'll put the page number itself in. so go back to on Page Number, and under Current Position, select Plain Number. 'Cause, once again, all the focus should be on the content at APA. After that, to exit the header, we'll double-click anywhere below the blue line. All right. Next, we're gonna go back to the Home Tab and under the Paragraph control dialogue we're gonna change the aligned spacing here to Double and all spacing after align to 0. Um, and this is what makes the document, the WHOLE document, 12 point Times New Roman font. You don't have to make any more changes now. All double spaced. Click okay... And then, center the text and hit Enter about five or six times to get yourself below the two inch marker. Next, we'll go ahead and type our full title. So just type in "Main Title" just like that, and maybe you have a subtitle that's... longer than the main title. Who knows? After that, hit Enter again and type your full name and then hit Enter again. Normally, uh, standard APA style here only calls for the name of your school or organization that you are producing uh, this document for. Your professor may want you to include more information like his or her name, um, the course number, the course... title of the course you're in. Be sure to check with them for full details, but generally, each of these items will have its own line. After that, you can hit Enter again, go down a few lines, write an abstract if you want, which would be a short description of the content of the paper to help people doing research to decide if they want to actually read it. But...but other than that, um, go ahead and go to Insert and insert a page break so we can start the paper proper. The reason we're doing this is so that if you want to go back and enter the title page later, it won't end up pushing your content of your main... of your main paper down any farther. Um... After that, we need to reinsert the running head. So go back to the Insert tab (which we're already on), click on Header once again, and click Blank again. Now we're just gonna type that running head that we typed the first time, that shortened version of your title. And once again, we'll hit Tab once or twice to get over to the far right, go back to Insert Page Number, Current Position, and pick a Plain Number. And now we've got a running head and a page number throughout the whole paper. We don't have to revisit this at all. So, next, double-click below the blue line once again. Type your main title again. Don't forget that subtitle. I'm not gonna type the whole thing, but it normally should be the full subtitle yet again. Then hit Enter, go back to the Home Tab, and align the text left, and do one more thing. Under the Paragraph control dialogue change the...under Indentation change the Special spacing to First line. That will indent the first line of every paragraph by a half inch automatically. After that, you can start typing. Don't make any mistakes like me. Um, after that, you can just type to your heart's content and the text will automatically wrap itself to the second and third line. Whenever you hit enter, you'll automatically be a half inch in. Um... Beyond this, there's nothing special you need to do. Um...If this video has been helpful for you, helpful to you in any way, then please like the video on YouTube and also don't forget to like us on Facebook. Thanks, guys!

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