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Huyen Le - My Khanh, Vietnam - Vietnamese (Global Lives Project, 2013) 05:30:00 - 05:59:59

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Wake up, Huyen. Wake up, Huyen let fold the mosquito net I am too sleepy Where is Mr. Hieu? well, Where is Mr Minh? well, where are they going? where do they come from Mr Huy? oh my god, I do not know how many boats did arrive here last night now, Soc Trang boat have arrived it is anchored brother! brother! what? -- please open the cover of the cellar what ? -- open the cellar cover! what is this for? clean this side! let wait for me to ladle and pour the water on the decanter pour the water on the top of the decanter, filter alum and fish alum layer at the top take it to the above ...clean around with detergent --clean around that is enough, isn't it? clean inside and outside also we did do that already, please see it again put it here move up, I will pass it to you it is getting heavier to place it here oh my god, I can hand it over once, nothing to worry does it match the hole? oh, it does not match Huyen! it does not match let go out and get the scouring pad, that scouring pad --- take the scouring pad why does put it there and pass the water down. it is heavy to scoop the water and move it down weigh anchor and pick up the the sand over there now there is this boat left i think he does not agree as he think the sand is not good let lift up lean-to a bit higher, brother! they are in front of the boat and they always follow us it is in front of the boat, just move up there -- pardon they are in front, you can move up there now We just released behind of the boat yesterday we have not been picked up the sand within the last 3 days, but you have not told them --- but le move othe boat over there now call her and ask how much does she want to let us pick up the sand? yesterday night, there were 3 boats waiting for their turn the boats number 42 and 49 have been waiting for their turn within 3 days and they have not been picked up the sand yet I let you know but you did not listen the turns are unauthorized. Now calling her and asking how much she want for us to pick up the sand he is furious person! if we were in line and waited here this morning now we would take the sand now there were 3 boats waiting for their turn last night when I called our turn is behind which one which number? 17 isn't it? 47 isn't it? that one belong to which turn number? it is strange if that one is coming out, isn't it? I have not seen any one going out. so we may not get the sand today I am wondering if we could weigh anchor and moving after the crane to count how many boats are waiting? stick behind Mr Nam's crane yes, if we do not do that how can we get the sand what should we do now? what is a whole bad day! brother, let move in front and see what is the registration number of this boat? hurry up! this boat weigh anchor and next one is ours let move and see the registration number of its I could not see, it is so far away can you see it? the registration number is on the other side so that I could not see it ask Mr. Hieu drive the boat near this this boat! cannot see it wait here this morning and we must get the sand now wait for our turn here so stay here if these boats are last night ones, there are still small ones left waiting for their turns I demanded you to take sand last night but you thought it was dirty and now we can not take it what is a bad business of hers. what? let move there and tell her that we told her in advance this morning we told her from last night now what will we get? well, who did answer your call when you were calling? pardon borther Hieu, please ask him if it is ok to give him a coffee bout

get bored if you do not stick on that crane, you could not take the sand in the next days. what? this one goes out and got sand already -- now it is our turn, let tell them stick to them, if not stick to them we can not get the sand. I already told you but you ignore. well, could I borrow the phone? pardon let me call the crane operator ask him, if this one finish taking the sand, ours is next to this one now is our turn, i already counted the waiting boat last night for sure ok, let weigh anchor, isn't it? there, the Soc Trang one also weigh the anchor. We do not weigh the anchor, the other boat take all the sand brother let weigh anchor will we leave or not? wait, let see if this one can get any sand! can not take the sand we still weigh anchor and drive their them go! slow down! put it out there, anther boat goes out. They may ask for some money what wil we do now? let go up here and clean the floor, brother we clean and it will be dirty again pardon, let go down and get some water for washing the dishes I am afraid to drop out the black piece on the back there, a black thing is on your back this boat come, other boats will come. We will say our boat come first our turn for getting the sand is coming soon ok, what do we wait for? ok, that one is getting the sand. we can weigh anchor now what? ok, that one is near us. let see which registration number it is? let stick to that one so that he can see us we can say we counted the number of boat yesterday night why did not you come here? and drive the boat? what? how can we turn now? drag the robe, when it is straight, let rewind it inside ... drag the robe outside so it is easy for you to rewind. do not rewind the robe to the floating dock

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Duration: 29 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese
Producer: Naomi Ture
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Posted by: globallives on Jan 3, 2014

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