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Learn human body: the respiratory system

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THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM We breathe in order to take good, nice, yummy oxygen into our bodies and get rid of the dirty rotten carbon dioxide. I am breathing hard! Are you? - Hello! You have reached the respiratory system. Can I help you? - Yes please. What is the respiratory system? Your respiratory system is made up of organs in your body that help you breathe. You breathe so you can deliver oxygen into your body and take away carbon dioxide. Thank you very much. - Breathing is all about knowing the respiratory system. So, what is the respiratory system made up of? The respiratory system made up of the trachea, the lungs and the diaphragm. How does the respiratory system work? When you breathe in air you brings on oxygen, it goes into your lungs and then you breathe out you blow carbon dioxide out. The diaphragm is a muscle beneath the lungs that helps move air in and out of your body. When you breathe in, the diaphragm contracts while the air enters your nose and your mouth, through the trachea and fled in the lungs just as a balloon. When you breathe out the diaphragm relaxes and moves up to help the air out of your lungs and out of your nose and mouth. The air you breathe passes into smaller tubes that brunch within the lungs. These tiny tubes are called the bronchioles and there are 30,000 of them in every lung. There are tiny sacs called the alveoli at the end of each bronchiole. Its unbelievable do you?. Oxygen in the air you breathe passes through the walls in the alveoli into very small blood vessels called the capillaries and there the oxygen rich blood is pumped throughout your body and the carbon dioxide that is produced by the body moves in the exact opposite way passing from the capillaries into the alveoli and leaving the body when you breathe out. It looks simple, doesn`t it ... That is what breathing is all about. How to love your loungs? The best way to keep your lungs pink and healty is not to smoke. You can also show your love for your lungs by exercising! As you breathe more deeply and take in more air. Your lungs become stonger and better. At supplying your body with the air it needs to suceed. Keep your lungs healthy and they will thank you for life! Bye!

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Posted by: mjosferreiro on Jan 23, 2012

It explains how the respiratory system works

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