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What did we do today. We took a bike ride lead by three water experts in sewer water and storm drain water We left here form workspace and we followed the path of the water down to the Mission Bay and then we came back here. San Francisco is actually one of the cleanest cities for storm water discharges in the San Francisco Bay Area The reason is that we actually treat almost 94% of all the rain water that falls in San Francisco hence the streets goes over picks up the dogs urine then picks up the dog poop and goes into the catch basin where if you are in San José or Santa Clara that all goes right into the Bay We had a flood in this building in October 19th of last year It was a shocking flood, really unexpected So that brought it front and center I was like 'wow, why did we flood?' At that point I said well, we have a gallery here Let's fill it with water art. San Francisco's got a combined sewer Your toilet's flush and sink pipes pick up the rain This is a system that made a lot of sense in the 1880s because pumping electricity was not a practical solution sewers in San Francisco started in about 1863 This is like Ground Zero, where the sewer system in San Francisco Twice a day, the tide would flush SaN Francisco's awful out into the Pacific or back to Oakland, whichever way Two hundred years ago which is in a blink of an eye this was mashed land This was soggy, wet ground, there was no asphalt anywhere the rain would come down and soak into the ground and the tide would come in and out and birds and ducks lived here and there was nothing that you see today and we better catch up to the fact that we have changed our environment inexorably.

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