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This video will help you understand how to use the RM Service Overview. The overview was designed to help you determine which days you should work in a store. As with any document on CrownConnect, you can pinch and drag to expand any portion of the overview document to make it larger. You can easily check scheduled hours for any of the stores you service on your CrownConnect. But how do you know which days you should work those hours in the store? The RM Service Overview helps you figure that out. The first thing you need to know is the call frequency for the store. The call frequency tells you the number of times you need to visit the store during a specified time period. If you don’t already know your store’s call frequency, ask your supervisor. Once you know your call frequency, it’s a matter of simply drawing two imaginary lines and seeing where they intersect. For example, let’s say it’s the week of November 2. One of your stores is a Kroger with a call frequency of 3, which means you service the store three days a week. If you look down the Call Frequency 3 column and across the Nov. 2 row, you’ll see that you should service the store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You also can see the comments in the green box telling you that you can make one extra visit during this week, if needed. If you look at the key that appears at the top of the overview, you’ll get more information about any color-coded messages. In this case, you can see that the green box means you can work an extra visit if needed to support season resets. It also reminds you that your total hours for the week will be on your CrownConnect. If you check your hours for this store during the week of Nov. 2, you’ll see that you have extra hours allocated in case you need to make that additional visit. Let’s look at another example. Let’s say you also have a USPS account, and it has a call frequency of .25, or one visit per month. If you look at the .25 column in the RM Service Overview, you’ll see that the only week you need to visit the store is the week of Nov. 2. The exact day of the week isn’t specified, so you may choose any weekday, Monday through Friday, to make that visit. The schedule also allows for one extra visit that week, only if needed to support season resets. During busy seasons, you’ll see more details on the RM Service Overview. The overview you see here is page one of the Nov. 16 through Jan. 3 overview. It covers our peak weeks for the holiday season. You’ll notice lots of additional information in the key at the top of the page, and you’ll need to refer to this information as you read the overview. Let’s assume you have a Walmart with a call frequency of 4. It’s the week of November 23. Go to your RM Service Overview. Look down the Call Frequency 4 column and across the Nov. 23 row. There are several notices in this box. The first item in the yellow box tells you not to work on Thanksgiving Day. If you look at the yellow box in the key, you’ll find more information about this. Next you’ll notice the blue color coding. If you look at the key, you’ll see that blue means there is a modified service schedule this week due to the holiday. You can also see in the blue box that there are different instructions for Walmart and all other chains. Since you’re working in a Walmart store in this example, your instructions are to visit the store on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during this week. Even though its call frequency is four, you will only visit the store three times this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s an asterisk next to Walmart. Go back to the key to find that the asterisk means Walmart doesn’t allow service visits on Black Friday, Nov. 27. You can add Friday service only with store manager approval. Let’s take a look at page two of this RM Service Overview. You’ll see there are additional colored boxes on this page as well as items marked with one or two asterisks. Return to the key at the top of page one to learn what these mean. Assume you are working in an H-E-B store with a call frequency of 2. Let’s see what your schedule would be the week of Dec. 21. Draw your imaginary line down the Call Frequency 2 column and across the Dec. 21 row to see where they intersect. The first notice you see is the yellow box telling you not to work on Christmas day. In the blue box, you see that the days you should work Monday plus Wednesday OR Thursday. So you have to be at the store on Monday. Then you can choose whether to go on Wednesday or Thursday for your second visit. Finally, in the pink box you see that you also have to work on Saturday during this week. Look at the key at the top of page 1 to see what the pink means and what the two asterisks tell you. In the key, you see that this extra service visit is required to support season plus-up. Plus-up is a term Hallmark uses to indicate additional service is provided on certain days during seasons. In addition, the two asterisks tell you what specifically you need to do on that Saturday visit. You’ll remove season outposts and convert season end-of-aisle displays on Saturday, Dec. 26. If the store doesn’t have season outposts or end-of-aisle displays, you won’t have to go to the store on that Saturday. There also is a note with the two asterisks that is specific to Walmart. The final note tells you to reset season counter cards the week of Dec. 28 and not on Sunday Dec. 27. Beginning in 2016, you will receive an RM Service Overview about once a month. Be sure to save the overview on your CrownConnect so you can refer to it during the month. If you have questions about the RM Service Overview, please contact your supervisor.

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