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Hey everybody, uh, it’s Pete It is... Two forty-three in the morning Before Uhh The morning of the UPS Sales Strategy Workshop Here in Atlanta And Uh I wanted to record a video To talk to you guys about how I'm feeling about things and What I feel like what we're learning as a team To take back to everybody in New York And [Chortles] I'm tired Uh And it's been a long weekend Uh I feel like I'm getting a better understanding Of the importance of what we do Partly as storytellers But partly as People who Just get it and can connect the different pieces together and Are obsessed with Making things Make sense [Contemplative sigh] And not accepting that Some things are just correct Because they are a part of some pre-existing framework Or It's a piece of a research That's based on a piece of a research That's based on something else Uh And I think that part of what I'm learning is that It's invaluable for us to teach ourselves and to teach each other When I hear Five Or ten Or Fifteen different messages Uhm From within our own organization Let alone the client's organization How do I rapidly distill that down into Two or three things or potentially even just one thing That's really important And then how do I How do I Conceive a path of action forward that will Help my client and make sense for our business And be good for our people How do you balance all these things [Lost in bewilderment] But how you start by Being an effective listener and being a critical thinker Uhm And being effective At communicating your thoughts And so I'm feeling excited for tomorrow I think we've got a lot of good things to share with the client I think we've got a lot of strong speakers I think You know I still have a latent concern that It's going to be tough for everything to hang together At the end of the day But I'm proud of the work that we've done and I'm excited about some of the relationships that we've started to build Down here in the south east Uhm Which, which, I think You know Is likely to become Uhh Part of our expansion strategy as a studio And, uh [Scoffs] Yeah, I'm just tired Very tired But I will check back in tomorrow after we present And share more thoughts on things that we're learning But, uhm, just wanted to capture this for the team In posterity. And we're all Very much looking forward to coming back to New York Alright Peace out, bitches Peace out

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Posted by: pkchoo on Jul 19, 2017

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