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imagining the mission

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Tecolote has been around for 40 years We saw that many of our photographers and photo editors had done really important field of photojournalism and we thought, to celebrate our 40th anniversary we would invite some of those photographers and photo editors who've gone on to exhibit at the cultural center not work necessarily about the Mission but the work that they are doing now that they feel it's relevant, to show that a volunteer community paper is a real breeding ground and training ground for great journalism We wanted this year to focus on those photographers for the past, and then for the present we are going to have a video of the photographers who work with us now some of them students, and then for the future we have a youth component in this exhibition, it's wonderful. there's a couple of photographs in this exhibition that I think are particularly important to the whole world right now. Lou Dematteis spoke about Crude Reflections to document and to support the indigenous people of Ecuador in a struggle against Chevron who after drilling for oil left huge pools of oil in the forest of Ecuador. Amanda López is a photo editor for us since 6 years ago who has a great interest in Chicano subculture and the lowrider scene and she has some beautiful photographs of her sister and friends in the lowriders decked out having a great time and then another incredible youth project the "beyond borders proyect" These are children of undocumented families doing a youth proyect it's really worth your time to come up and see it

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Posted by: missionlocal on Aug 10, 2010

imagining the mission

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