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The Senses are Just Like Serpents - Prabhupada 0241

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Heaven is described in the Vedic literature as tri-daśa-pūr. Tri-daśa-pūr. Tri-daśa-pūr means there are thirty-three millions of demigods, and they have got their separate planets. This is called tri-daśa-pūr. Tri means three, and daśa means ten. So thirty-three or thirty. Anyway, tri-daśa-pūr ākāśa-puṣpāyate. Ākāśa-puṣpa means something imaginary, something imaginary. A flower in the sky. A flower should be in the garden, but if somebody imagines the flower in the sky, it is something imaginary. So for a devotee, this heavenly promotion to the heavenly planet is just like a flower in the sky. Tri-daśa-pūr ākāśa-puṣpāyate. Kaivalyaṁ narakāyate. Jñānī and karmī. And durdāntendriya-kāla-sarpa-paṭalī protkhāta-daṁstrāyate. Then yogi. Yogis are trying. Yogi means yoga indriya-samyama, controlling the senses. That is yogic practice. Our senses are very strong. Just like we also, Vaiṣṇavas, we first of all try to control the tongue. So yogis also, they try to control the senses, not only tongue, but all other, ten kinds of senses, by that yogis mystic process. So why they are trying to control? Because the senses are just like serpents. A serpent... Just like they touch anywhere, immediately something up to death. Injury there must be, up to death. This is exemplified: just our sex impulse. As soon as there is illicit sex, there is so many difficulties. Of course, nowadays it has all become very easy. Formerly it was very difficult, especially in India. Therefore a young girl was always protected, because if she mixes with the boys, somehow or other, as soon as there is sex, she becomes pregnant. And it will be no more possible to get her married. No. Touched by the serpent. This is... Vedic civilization is very strict. Because the whole aim was how to go back to home, back to Godhead. Not sense gratification, eat, drink, be merry, enjoy. That is not the aim of human life. So everything was planned with that aim. Viṣṇur aradhyate. varṇāśramācāravatā puruṣeṇa paraḥ pumān viṣṇur āradhyate panthā nānyat tat-toṣa-kāraṇam (CC Madhya 8.58) Varṇāśrama, these brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya, everyone had to strictly follow the rules and regulation of the particular division. A brāhmaṇa must act as a brāhmaṇa. A kṣatriya must as... Here is the... Just Kṛṣṇa says, "You are kṣatriya; why you are talking all this rascal? You must!" Naitat tvayy upapadyate (BG 2.3). "In two ways you should not do this. As a kṣatriya you should not do this, and as My friend, you should not do this. This is your weakness." So this is Vedic civilization. Fight for the kṣatriya. A brāhmaṇa is not going to fight. Brāhmaṇa is satyaḥ śamo damaḥ, he is practicing how to become truthful, how to become clean, how to control the senses, how (to) control the mind, how to become simple, how to become full cognizant of the Vedic literature, how to apply practically in life, how to become firmly fixed up in conviction. These are brāhmaṇas. Similarly, kṣatriyas - fighting. That is necessary. Vaiśya-kṛṣi-go-rakṣya-vāṇījyam (BG 18.44). So all these strictly to be followed.

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Posted by: vanimedia on Jul 10, 2013

Prabhupada speaks during a Bhagavad-gita 2.3 Lecture in London on August 4, 1973 - Part five

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