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Radio interview with Roberto Castelli

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the immigrants - Sorry, on Porta a Porta last night, you said: "They have to be rejected" but what can you do ? Vi can´t shoot at them. At least not yet," you said. For the moment, we can´t Thanks for the question.... - I beg you, you said it - ...for I can clarify In these programmes they talk so fast, afterwards ideas sticks in our minds It is said that your friend Zappatero have shot at them. This means..... Do you know Zappatero ? - No! - imagine real drama Your friend Sarkozy is bombing....- But he is to the right. - Not that much, I beg you He is bombing potential immigrants in Libya, who knows how many civillians he has killed. This is happening already And it is evident if we look ahead and think historically at the same time as you said, in the near future, in the next decade there is a danger this invasion could be millions or tens of millions And if that happens, what do we do ? I will remind you that international disagrements unfortunately as we have seen in Iraq, in Afghnaistan and in Libya, are often solved with weapons I hope this moment will never occur My "at least not now" meant this, that is this problem could get so huge that we had to consider taking to arms I believe we are in a situation similar to the Roman Empire The Roman Empire did not collapse because barbarians came to conquer Rome Already 200 b.c. the barbarians first infiltrated and it continued a couple of centenniums more they did not come by boat they crossed the Rhine in boats, the Danube too So, the tunesians are barbarians, according to you ? They are foreigners, as they were in Roman times. "A barbarian" is merely someone with a foreign language in this perspective everyone is a barbarian, placed in front of one another And, I you excuse me, for you in Lega Nord the genoveese are barbarians too Nej, we are barbarians. We for Lega Nord are definitely barbarians in the eyes of you Romans But listen....- No, he is a barbarian - No, no A barbarian is someone coming from another society, another social context and therefore he is of another culture, history and so on There is no exception...- Sorry, mr. Castelli, to return back to what.... Let me finish my statement. - No, no - He is from Milan, you know No, no, it is, I have,..... - As I said..... I do not want this to happen My "not now, anyway" meant "I do not wish" - Ah, "I do not wish" But there is a limit ...... - Excatly. - Where is this limit, according to you ? According to me, we have already reached this limit, because After 20.000, we shoot ? - Oh you mean shooting? Yes ! I mean: Where is the limit ? 100.000. A million ? The limit is where the violence begins Lets take us, for ex. these gentlemen, who must be repatriated who started burning matresses and started throwing stones and who knows what...... you answer with shields and batons as you do to any italian citizen who does not obey police orders If it comes to weapons and they start shooting what should we doo? Shoot ? - I dont know What did we do to the Red Brigades ? Is it true, that 3200 more tunesians are coming to Lampedusa, who are I really don´t hope - But where will they go ? not to southern Italy ? But listen, we should.... I think the big question of distribution considering foreigners, legal and illegal who are already in a certain place (in Italy) There is no doubt, all statistics tells that those who pt. has the most foreigners legal and illegal, is Milan and the surropunding, Lombardia So not to Lombardia, they wont go there ...- No, lets distribute the burden and my thoughts are..... You who are politically correct say: "We must show hospitality" they´ll have to find hospitality somewhere else give it to them at your place. How many are you willing to... - I have already You have 4 at your place ? -Ja - Well, take a fifth. But why should I take..... - You will be happier Do you have any, mr. Castelli ? Eh, legal. - Would you take more ? - No, but the little we do, my wife, as you see, who travels to Iraq tomorrow as she is head of, coorporating with a volontary organisation in the North that helps people who has been in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan Lets try and help them in their own country. This Yes, but if they are not going to Lombardia, where are they going ? Veneto ? They have to be spread, that is my opinion. Have you calculated ? Where will they go ? Campania ? Lazio ? You estimate what burden each region has for the time being You dont think one should base it on the wealth of the region ? We in Lombardia bears the heaviest burden, because You are rich. We are rich, we work, there is this little problem Its not like that. Dont they work in Campania ? If they work less, they are poorer than we are. - In Puglia they work I see, but they work less. It´s not that we are rich because we have oil..... or because everything we touch turns to gold, or becuase manna comes down from heaven The richest should be the kindest. - Yes, but we are kind. But, there is a saying from Lombardia that says.. «A ess' tropp bun se deventa cujun». Cujun. Cujun. Not exactly.. But listen, lets talk,,,,, - I do not translate, because...- No, no "The one who are too kind, becomes minced meat" No, its not neccesary to translate...- He said he would not, but I did it.

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Posted by: cskaug on Apr 13, 2011

Italy's former minister of justice Roberto Castelli in an interview with the public broadcaster's Radio2.

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