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Gold Bullion Money Making Success System-How to get Rich as Gold Bullion Enterpriser

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How to become a Gold Bullion Enterpriser Closing Your First Contract Deal With a Local Refinery Within 90 to 120 Days Get Rich in Six Months as a Precious Metals Enterpriser The illustration You're looking at three Gold Bullion Johnson Matthey Gold Bullion Bars Each bar is 999.9% purity The highest purity in the industry The US dollar value per bar is $45.000 For a total of US $135.000 for three Gold Bullion Johnson Matthey Gold Bullion Bars To the right of this screen you're looking at #5 kilograms of Alluvial Au79 96% purity Placer or Gold Bullion Dust 5 kilograms of Alluvial Gold Dust of 96% purity or 20 to 23 karats purity The cost respectively is $8.000 to $10.000 per kilogram The golden formula in Gold Bullion Enterprising is to acquire the Au79 placer at profitable rates then sell as a yearly contract monthly to refineries 100 to 1000 kilograms per month of 93% to 96%purity to reputable refineries at a profit of 30% or more Your price is added to each kilogram sold which must be compatible to the buyers bottom line Now that you have the buyer satisfied with your price repeat this process over and over until you have ten to twenty five new clients Au79 Alluvial Gold Dust placer is loosely found and surface levels and is among the simplest and most desired deposits in the industry for refining Now lets look at the progression of new accounts acquired as Gold Bullion Enterpriser The simple progression of new accounts secured by one year contracts to provide Au79 Alluvial Gold Dust with a purity value of between 93% to 96% or in karats 20 to 23 karats being sold to refineries nationally and eventually globally is as follows number one The Producer or miner sells to you Alluvial Gold Dust at $10.000 to $12.000 per kilogram now you the seller will sell to refineries for $18.000 to $20.000 per kilogram Your Expenses per kilogram will be about $13.000 per kilogram ofAu79 However your profit margin will be between $5.000 to $10.000 per kilogram below we see five illustrations or progressions of new accounts The first account represents a single client ordering 300 kilograms per month of Alluvial Gold Dust on a yearly basis now at $18.000 per kilogram monthly Your monthly earnings will be $5.4 million dollars minus expenses the next progression is two new clients purchasing 300 kilograms each of Alluvial Gold dust per month at a cost of $18.000 per kilogram Your income would be $10.8 million dollars per month minus your expenses the third graph shows three new clients ordering 300 kilograms of Au79 per month on a yearly contractual basis and at $18.000 per kilogram your revenue would be $16.2 million dollars per month minus expenses the following graph shows five new clients ordering 300 kilograms of Au79 dust at a rate of $18.000 per kilogram Your monthly income or revenue will equal $27 million dollars per month minus expenses and the concluding graph shows Ten new clients purchasing each 300 kilograms of Gold Bullion Au79 dust at $18.000 per kilogram this volume ordering from ten clients would equal monthly $63 million dollars per month minus expenses this is the power and profitability of Gold Bullion Enterprising These are Business to Business transactions are very profitable and private Use the systems forms provided to manage your new clients of when they order and when you're paid Once your precious metals Enterprise is properly operating and fully automated you can very well be prepared to to experience five to ten revenue streams from various sectors of the precious metals industry as a precious metals enterpriser How to become a Gold Bullion enterpriser and close your first contract deal with a local refinery in 90 to 120 days

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The Gold Bullion Making Money Success System
gives you the power to earn and generate substantial income in the
Gold Bullion and Precious Metals Industry in as little as 120 to 90 days or less

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