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Yankor 5 - Draconians

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 5 - Meeting the Draconians (Yankor) This is Yankor continuing about the Draconians why they were my favorite race they were the most fascinating race in existence according to me after everything that I had explored discovered and investigated because, they were very specific in their experimentations and they could see- it was scary, looking at them because when they'd look at you, it was though you know you get- when someone looks at you sometimes you get that little shudder down your spine? (laugh) or something like that, I remember the first time I saw one of them, well, we we were on this 'port' we had the in the interdimensional existence you had these ports where you are able to, just you know stop for a moment, and 'rest' but it wasn't resting existed it was just you just stopped for a moment if you felt like stopping, so there were these ports all over existence where you'd either ports were when you crossing over to a next or a new existence or, just for rest if you want to you know ok, it was not really for resting or it was more just when you noticing ok here is a port, it was this like- this huge metallic platform, there was usually a guard there, you know checking who's coming through so you have to first stop before you go into the next existence you know, you kind of it wasn't like a, like some form of 'government' institution thing that you have here in this world it was more just to confirm, check who's coming who's coming out who's coming through etc. so they always used to keep logs you know, in terms of what beings are now entering which existence, coming out coming through etc. so into the existence of where the Draconians existed for instance we were stopping at this one port, and there was this Draconian, guard there you know were climbing out just to 'rest' for a moment walk around you know, check existence it was beautiful magnificent so yes- we climbed out and this was my first encounter with the Draconians and I have 'heard' of them, there were pictures of them in the library of Alcyone but I've never face to face met one which was one of my greatest desires In my- even in my room, yes we had these rooms in our cities I had these pictures/posters of Darconians that I had drawn- myself I was their biggest fan (laugh) you can say, as a child, so so for me it was spectacular to meet one of them for the first time and I remember just walking up to this Draconian guard, who was just standing there you know and I looked up to him and when I looked into his eyes it was like really scary, it was like I could see myself in him like he was accessing me in a 'dimension' that seemed- impossible it's like I was like baffled for a moment, because when I looked in his eyes it was like I could see myself there inside him it was strange like we'd swapped or something like I just experienced his presence inside me like I felt, larger bigger huger- the strength, and the might of a Draconian was overwhelming and (laugh) so, here I was this little frightened young man don't know where to look what to do what to say completely uncomfortable and the Draconian just asked: What do you want? and what are you doing here and you know we just said we're explorers we're investigating and discovering existence through curiosity taking notes etc. and that's all he didn't say anything else he just said- nodded and so I left with like a rather strange- experience inside me very strange, like he was still inside me you know kind of, I felt infected but (laugh) not like- not like I wasn't infested it just felt like he was still somewhere inside me like, he had done something to me (laugh) in someway, I don't know what I later actually did go for checkup yes you did have checkups, interdimensional checkups check your presence your- your- your expression everything inside you, to check if everything is fine and what not- it's not that there were illnesses, and shit in the interdimensional existence but there were forms of influence you know that would 'dis-harmonize' your expression and in this- in that disharmony you would experience quite an extensive uncomfortability so la- only later on after I'd explored the Draconsians existence, I went for a checkup and 'true as Bob' there was- like these strange DNA alterations in my expression so the Draconian's presence was still inside me, like his signature so he was inside me doing I don't know what but we cleaned it out and after that I felt 'myself' again I felt pure clean etc, not that I felt dirty but just felt like there was something inside me, and there was (laugh) it wasn't my imagination thank goodness for that because if it were my imagination they would have really- messed me up pretty good so we investigated the Draconian's existence, their cities their their way of 'living' in existence was magnificent they were very creative beings, in their creativeness saying that they are specific would be a disgrace to the definition of their application they are beyond specificity they- are so intricate with every detail in what they do, it's astounding, amazing and the Draconians played around a lot with spacecrafts, programming spacecrafts I'd say they were the most intelligent race in existence so we went, we tried once to go in without being noticed and that was turned out to be a a fuck-up (laugh) because they could see us, we were like walking around there trying to go unnoticed, perceiving we were and all of a sudden we were- just got grabbed by our arms and- like shoved in front of the Draconians and they asked us: What are you doing here? why are you trying to go unnoticed? and so that if- if shitting in your pants existed interdimensionally that would have been my expression in that moment I wouldn't have been surprised if that really happened ok, so those were my encounters with the Draconians and trying to go unnoticed sometimes but they were also very- like secretive race they only showed (tiny) 'this much' of what they really are able to do so, this is Yankor and I will continue in my next interview thanks Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Please join us for Discussion: Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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