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David Icke-Revelations of a Mother Goddess 1/18

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Revelations of a Mother Goddess Researched & Presented by David Icke hello ,and welcome to the City of London.. a city within a city people think about London as the great metropolis that we all know but within it is something called the City of London it goes back many many hundreds of years and it is the epicenter of the global financial system if the truth be told it's more than that however .. it is the center of a global web of secret societies that control the planet today and they come from a series of interbreeding bloodlines which you can trace back to the ancient, middle and near east thousands and thousands of years ago and the staggering truth is that these interbreeding bloodlines under different names have increasingly controlled planet earth from that time to this never more so than today in the next few hours on this video you're gonna be introduced if you've not already read the book my book THE BIGGEST SECRET to some staggering ,stunning ,and am the first to say bizarre information the basis of the video is an interview with a lady called Arizona Wilder who was brought up and mind controlled from almost the time that she was born to eventually, as she did ,conduct satanic rituals at the highest level of the satanic ritual network involving some of the most famous people on the planet but we'll get into that as we go along it is bizarre..and that's not even the most bizarre aspect of the story which i'll come to as we progress but the bizarre just happens to be true and this video is designed to be a companion to my book THE BIGGEST SECRET and you get more out of the interview with Arizona if you've read that book but what am gonna do to start with is just set up a few basic background details that can allow you if you've not read the book to follow the story and the revelations that Arizona is going to unfold for us as i say this is not just a City of London Financial District it is the center of a global web it is the spider in the center of the web as i exposed in great detail in The Biggest Secret and a previous book: And The Truth Shall Set You Free and what the basis of that shows is that all these apparently different companies ,banks ,insurance companies and political parties.. actually at the top of their pyramids , interlock and are controlled by the same few people about thirteen families run the world and offshoots of these bloodlines under different names i'll just give you an example and a little guided tour of where we actually are because that is a good example of what I am talking about behind me is the Bank of England this was created in a charter signed by William of Orange who became William III,the King of England, in 1688, 1689 and he was one of these bloodlines And from the moment he took the throne then the whole thing started to really epicenter in London This is when the spider at the center of the web really moved in here So we’ve got the Bank of England behind me which was created thanks to William of Orange and the people who controlled him because these guys are just puppets of course Over there we’ve got the NatWest building It’s one of the big clearing banks in England and If you just come around this statue, which I’ll come to in a second behind me there is the Mansion House. That is the center of government in the City of London the city within a city And at the top you’ll see the red cross on the white background The flag ,it's the flag of England And that symbol goes back right into the ancient world It was the ancient sun symbol of the Phoenicians back in the ancient ,middle and near east And the Phoenicians had a number of deities One of them was called Bharati, the female One was called Bharat, the male Bharati and Bharat became Britannia and Britain because the British culture was brought here by the Phoenicians about 3,000 B.C. and after And also they had deities - the Phoenicians - called St. George of Cappadocia who killed the dragon That became St. George of England. And that’s of course, the flag of St. George the red cross on the white background today Also, the Christian deity called St. Michael was an ancient Phoenician deity long before Christianity So the Mansion House, the center of government, is a very, very powerful place we go around here, we’ve got the Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company The banks and the insurance companies interlock and as a result, the fantastic amount of wealth that they can move around the financial markets everyday these interlocking organizations control the world financial system If a stock market goes down and crashes, it’s because it’s meant to crash And not everyone loses- you know- when that happens If you know it’s going to crash, you sell your stock, it crashes, you buy it back at a lower price You then push it back up again, and buy other stock at the same time at a few cents on the dollar or whatever And that means that a financial crash can actually lead f you know it’s coming, because you’re creating it to an amazing expansion of your holdings and your wealth over there we’ve got the Lloyd’s Bank Building hat’s another one of the big clearing banks which all interlock and are controlled by the same people And then, there we have The Royal Guardian Exchange building another major insurance company which, like I say interlock with all the others and then we come back to the Bank of England Now, this financial center along with places like Wall Street, where the bloodline families interlock again the same people run America as run Britain as run Germany, etc .. They have funded many, many times both sides in wars and ironically, and sickeningly, behind me opposite the Bank of England in the center of this square, is a memorial to those who died in the two world wars Let’s just go and have a look at that What happens in terms of creating wars is a technique a mind-manipulation technique that I called in my books Problem-Reaction-Solution.” And it works like this: If you want to introduce some thing, say centralization of power through the United Nations centralization of power militarily with NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the biggest military organization in the world - as it’s expanding all the time - if you want to centralize power into fewer and fewer hands if you did that openly and said, “This is what we want to do,” there would be a reaction against that People would say: “Hey, this is a fascist state you want to create. We’re not having this” But through this technique of Problem-Reaction-Solution you can actually manipulate people to demand you do what you want to do anyway So it works like this: First of all, you create the problem, but you get someone else to be blamed for it You then report that problem through the media in the way you want it reported because the media is owned by the same people who own the banks and etc .. You get the public to react to your problem by saying: “Something must be done; this can’t go on; what are THEY going to do about it?” And at that point, THEY, who have covertly created the problem, and blamed someone else who gleaned that reaction of “Do Something,” then offer the solution to the problems they have created So if you take the world wars, after the first world war which the financial centers of London, and Wall Street, etc, funded all sides power on this planet was in fewer hands than ever before

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Posted by: sosana on Apr 2, 2011

A shocking series that exposes the reptilian agenda and their human ritual sacrifices they have with world leaders and politicians participating in. Arizona Wilder reveals her life story as a mind control victim and one who has been at the ritual sacrifices and has seen the reptilians for herself. Have an open mind and get ready to be shocked and appalled at the horror that is really going on in the world.

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