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Are You Ready 1/2

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(Forcing himself to laugh?) (The Fall of Professional Comedian!) And Now,for the results! Starting from the sixth Who will decide then? Hyo Joo-sshi will decide Who else do you think will make the decision? You'll know if you think about it It is to capture Hyo Joo's heart. Who will she choose? (Other than Hyo Joo, Who else will choose...) So... The Guy in Hyo Joo's heart is? (A moment of anxiety..) (Unexpected chose No HongChul) HongChul and filled with joy! Has he been chosen or Has been kicked out? Of course he has been chosen! (The atmosphere was originally very good) He has been kicked out. Why is he so happy? He is happy because he has been chosen.. The first who is too absorbed in his role Kang Hodong Show.. (Successfully plays the role of terrifying people) The person who can take picture with Hyo Joo is .. No HongChul! No Hong Chul! (Cheeks together..) Hyo Jo With Hongchul Although we don not know how much of this will b broadcastted, We seem to have sitting here for more than 2 hours It's true There's river over here Are we in suburbs? (Heading towards mountains) We are here! (Finally reached the destination) (There's tiled-roof house behind the stone walls..) It is written : Traditional Culture Experience Where on earth is this? Even though we don't know what mission we will get we get down, Let's go with the spirit of preparedness! Are You Ready! (Although they have disembarked..) It's traditional Korean houses It is Korean-style hotel.Korean Style Hotel Are we to have a meal? (Korean-Style Hotel) (Traditional Korean houses..) (Meeting Experts Here) (To meet with the challenge here) We do not know why we have been brought here Is this the place we will meet the experts? PD: Yes, the experts are coming right now Are they coming out quickly now? (The experts finally enters) (I wonder..) (What kind of experts will we meet?) (Dressed in full gear...) (You know he is an expert with glance!) His dressing is unusual... (His dressing is unusual) (What kind kind of expert is he?) Korea's expert in Hanja* *Chinese Characters Hanja Expert! Expert! Where are you goin? (At this time, the expert..) (He exits after a bow?) Expert! Expert! (He doesn't even spare a glance backwards..) PD: The expert wants you to follow after him But he didn't say (Looks like they have to follow after him) Since he has gone, let us go too (I wonder...) (What kind of challenge is waiting them?) (2:30 pm on the day of the recording) Should we go in? (The PD is in there) Are we recording already? Do we need to take off our shoes? Come in (The conspicuous desk) Why are we here? The expert has given you the first challenge for the day 1st Challenger Everyone to pass a 100-word exam. (To memorize 100 Hanja within an hour) (And answer the question posed by the expert) (If someone gets it wrong, everyone has to start all over again) I have to memorize? Don't joke! We have to memorize Hanja? i don't even know what those words are This indeed KBS! (A variety show with a fierce competitive edge) (Need to memorize Hanja in KBS?) I should just eat up the paper You're asking me to memorize? it is better to just eat it. PD: Kang Hodong-sshi, I will be back after an hour You must memorize 100 words within that time. The PD will be goin out? (He is really going out?) (What kind of situation is this..) Look at that... (The door has been locked!!) PD, Let me help. (The PD walks out in embarrassment) He looks embarrass when walking out! (Leaving just the variety show guest!) There isn't anyone left in here? Director! DIRECTOR! (DIRECTOR!!!!) You should know this, right? (Start of Class) -I know this (The method Hodong uses to memorize?) The method to memorize these word is... Isn't this a table? On the table,there are two portions table has two portions of meat. It is meat! How can Kang Hodong not know the word for "MEAT"? "Meat" I must learn well (His morale ascends to the sky!) Father's father! Teacher and disciple (Give Up. Give Up) Time's UP! What are we to do? Got a fright! Now is the start of the 100-exam word I'm nervous! If someone gets it wrong, you have to start over all over Everyone has to answer correctly? A certain someone who is particularly worrisome... No.1 Eun Jiwon Are you ready? I am ready This word takes after an animal, 4 legs and a tail What Hanja is this? Isn't this word is written wrongly? Shouldn't it be Kang Hodong? Pig! Pass Jiwon is Hanja expert indeed! 100% accurate! Of course! PD, Please give me one that i know! (Is that .. an aegyo?) I originally wanted to help you. But i won't now. Ask me If i am ready. I am ready! Kang Hodong-sshi , i am goin to ask now A word that takes after the shape of a flower What Hanja is this? Do you know? [It is suffix to negate a word] [Translated here as "NO"] (The hints are confusing) (He obviously knows it) (But...) PD, I know. I know Wrong (Hodong himself loks a little happiness) Are you doing this for a comedic effect? What is this?! Didn't you say you had finished memorizing? I know that PD: If you can guess it correctly now, I will let you through Really? The word, "Wrong" (The word "Wrong"?) (Suddenly having to answer in front of many people..) (Hodong can actually make a mistake like that) I never thought i would have the chance to say this... Let me teach you! Do you have any brain cells in your brain? (Single-cell) In order to make him more focused , can one you can come out? Hit his face with the wooden board Hit his face? Kang Hodong,you are not allowed to look back No face-> Shoulder or waist (But suddenly hits his posterior) We are a family In this show,it will be the first and last time -Jiwon, ready? I am Ready! What word is this? What Hanja is this? "Tiger" Pass The best! the best! Genius! -Ready? -Yes! What Hanja is this? PD...PD... (He seems to remember) Kang Hodong, : "Hae" as in "Pig" Pass Awesome! Kang Hodong! (Sharing his Joy with Jiwon) A pig is killing a man I love You (Sharing with Haejin his...?) (what kind of bolt out of the blue is this?) A big and fat sheep Refers to something pretty What Hanja is this? (Surely he should know this) (Don't tell me!) Wrong! He doesn't know? Why? Why? Why do you need to do this for comedic effect? Aren't we all here? Why do you need to do that? Later: The truth about Park Haejin's case Please give Park Haejin a warning What's the difference between you and Kim Jongmin? No difference between you and Kim Jongmin Yeah Please punish Park Haejin. Thank you Park Haejin cannot look back Kang Hodong! Kang Hodong! Hodong-yoh! Look at that posture! What is that? Are you both really dating? Catch hold of them! Park Haejin,Han HyoJoo.Suspected Dating Go and investigate, Inspector! Inspector Kang Hodong enters! They are obviously dating! Catch a hold of them! Did you see what happened? Do you have any word that you want to give Hyo Joo? Do you know what Hanja is this? "Beauty" as in "Beautiful" My mom has this word in her name (What us the reason for getting the word wrong, when he obviously knows it?) Haejin, HyoJoo and the PD conspired Why? what is this? (PD intentionally gives an easy question) And then allowed them to act (as if they are in love) So he got it wrong intentionally. (So it was intentional? It is love triangle! So we are simply here as smokescreens? (they continued to interrogate) When we took a break and was eating ramen, both of them were eating a bento together Because i wasn't given ramen You were the one who left us alone Look at that! look at that! (HyoJoo suddenly burst out) (The suspicion gets worse!) You guys put us aside and ate ramen by yourselves What kind of idiom describes this? Ramen Alone That's not right "Inversing Black into White" Yes! That's It! Ok! Inversing Black into White There is a limit to how you can inverse black into white Both of them Because they are leads in drama In this show, They don't care about anything else They are simply dating Go back into your drama! Go back! Go back! Don't join variety shows! dON'T Join! dON'T Join! What are they doing to our special guest? Come on.Come on Edit it out Should this guy just return to M-Station? Is everyone ready? We are Ready! PD. We are Ready! "Less" Challenger Jiwon Pass! "Sunset" Challenger Hodong Pass! "None" Challenger Haejin Pass! "Cat" Challenger HyoJoo pass! "Love" Pass! "Stone" "District" -Pass Challenger KCM pass! (Now we only need HongChul to answer correctly for all to pass) This is my first time. Nervous Nervous!

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EP 1 part 2

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