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Yankor 3 - Reptilians had 7 million Ufo's

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 2 - 7 Million UFO's of Reptilian Origin (Yankor) Hi this is Yankor again so the history of my first little spaceship now I learned from- from Anu that, the race- in which- the spaceships were expressed and developed as now they had like this little it was with the Annuanki, the Annunaki was more in 'charge' of the manifestation and the creation of spaceships they had about quite a few- seven how much is it? about seven- they had seven million, ok? of these little, it was little round manifested 'planet like' structures but there was more than a planet, if you take earth make it about a hundredths, ok? of the earth's size that would be how big they were, which is quite huge, I know but they have seven million of them ok now on these little planet formed structures inside the interdimensional existence it was like a ye- light yellowly white color, ok? it had little tube things like coming out, it was 'alive' ok? it was like expressive now each tube represented a being there was beings that were 'imprisoned' by the Annunaki what do I mean by imprisoned? of course not many were aware of this situation except regarding the planets you know they were like these 'phases' existence went through that there were beings who wanted to 'take over the Annunaki', ok? from the perspective that they wanted to be the creators of existence and seen as the creators of existence the only way they are able to do that is to take on the Annunaki and therefore they got trapped into becoming of these little planet stuff from there, the development of spaceship space- crafts originated from so what will happen is, what they'd do is they'd pull out one these strings and what they'd do is, they'd end up- if they pulled it out of this planet manifested construct it's like this long yellow red- long yellow and white tube, ok? then they have, programs information- information shafts that they've written, according to a design of a spaceship that they'd like or prefer for that they have specific designers and the Draconians were more involved in the designing of the spaceships and the programming of- the shafts the Draconians were quite specific beings, Jesus they were really specific in what they'd do, they were very articulate out of all in existence the beings I enjoyed the most were the Draconians though they were really difficult beings, you know they wouldn't- they did not take shit if- if you'd see them for the first time y-you'd wobble all over because their presence was magnificent they were quite astounding amazing beings but they were very- it's strange thought because you know they were very in the back, but very- strong presence as well at the same time you know, so you couldn't even cut through them you know they were just so- like god damn steel but beautiful creatures though beautiful anyway where were I? ok! so you had these program- shaft 'chip' things but it's not chips it's like these little pipe these small little shaft pipe-thingies and then information within them of the design and the manifestation of the- ship then what they'd do is they'd put in the center of the yellow and white tube, ok? what it will do it will start this yellow- this yellow-y white substance of this planet now that I have explained becomes one and amalgamates with this shaft programmed chip of the design of this entire spacecraft, of what it is to become and within that it becomes 'alive', ok? this program design, information shaft, chip- thing it would actually start becoming alive and then start growing and developing and expanding on it's own and manifesting on it's own of information so basically that yellow- light yellow-white tube thing that came from the planet makes that thing alive, and then 'voila' - you have a spaceship quick and fast, well it took a few- it took a while though to took- first went into like this hibernation capsule things within which the spacecrafts were placed for awhile and then get developed and things like that and what then you have it so they had multiple designs ok there weren't as much spaceships in existence spacecrafts I'd say all in all, there were about- two hundred billion, around there, it's not a lot that's how much there were so Anu got me- a little spaceship then he said this was his when he was little! I am like why are you giving me this piece of shit you know, I want a real great one and he just said to me: Yankor start here ok, so got in, now this little spaceship could talk of course because it was an expression of a being which was quite weird in the beginning you know to think I am sitting here inside of a being, being strapped into this whole thing you know what makes it, right you know and it troubled me a bit you know for awhile because you know I started realizing the unfairness of the entire situation you know what went on what's going on in this existence that this is allowed, and accepted so now I brushed it off I said well maybe you know they deserved it and here I have now my spaceship you know, so I started building relationship with it because you know, we started speaking and things like that but it couldn't remember anything of it's past existence it couldn't tell me anything of what really happened all it knows is it's a live spaceship so the spaceship perceives itself to be a spaceship but actually it is a being, as a spaceship but it didn't know it that way didn't perceive it that way so it was, strange. definite, I enjoyed it so here I was Yankor the first one in my class well 'class' together with Anu and- that had their own spaceships well he had nice ones of course but I had my little one and satisfied with it, was a beginning so, with my little spaceship I traveled I couldn't travel far distances because, it could only move 'so far' in 'space and time' because god knows! you know you had different existences different frequencies ok different 'existences' hear this: in different frequency levels ok? then you had different existences in different 'sound' frequency levels, ok? then you had different existences in dimensional 'planes', ok? then you had different existences in and of this universe you know you had different galaxies, different universes different existences on their own you had layers, layers layers of multiple different existences 'worlds' planets beings, expressions, it was vast how far and how much and how wide you could move through what else? vibration! god knows there were different existences on different vibrations oh yah! oh but the most strongest- of it all was of course the the magnetic the magnetics, we called them the magnetics that's where kryon comes from as well I've known kryon since we were little as well so ok this is Yankor I'll- speak to you again soon thanks Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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