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I'll Vote Against Raising the Debt Limit

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here let's start with the national debt lot of people are very concerned about it where the never paid attention before is it going to be raised and if so what the backlash from conservatives now it will be raising there will be some backlash that there will be some some token concession they said well we're gonna raise the national debt that we're gonna hold the line from now on are would remain skeptical but i think they'll raise the national debt i don't think anything will get cut so uh... i mean that's the way it's been around for thirty seven years of momentum is so great to finance a continued the government that that nobody's going to get the n_s_a_ cut my programs so they're going to be continuously fighting in his as long as they can resort to going back and turning the money they will now states have a bigger burden because they don't have a printing press so they'd then we will have a lot more pressure to cut back at the federal government is sort of soda and noon from that except for the political pressure which is good but you know they say is that a catastrophic if we don't pay our bills on time but that is going to catastrophic if we continue to do what we're doing if we don't pay our bills from talking to people who suffer people who are receiving the there on the boulders they're getting stuff from us so i don't worry about that as much i worry more about a kept catastrophic event that we continue to do what we're doing how are you going to vote on although i won't let them have raised the national debt you know even if they make some token promises that i've heard that too often in the past of i've got on both raise spending so far they should not be responsible to raise the debt limit and people who have voted for all the spending either hypocrites they don't vote to raise the national debt and they were enough to get there at the spending and there's a bunch of republicans and democrats who have done that so uh... but you know people have toughest job and brought the deficit and they'll have a lot of pressure on the new members not to go to waste management of my colleague here at the clock business deal too but it was uh... talking this week about that that even if you don't have another dime of spending jesse interested other things that are recruiting that the number grows by something like four billion dollars a day so is not levy even holding spending slanted sounds like you're going to have to reduce spending cantik from boston to the national debt correct yeah yeah when what is the interest rates go up one percent items like a hundred fourteen fifteen dollars here just honored actually increased one percent interest increased which will calm now that the cigarettes out of control the finances i control so you know pretending that you're going to cut a hundred billion did not even come he'll do it it's token designed by me i would need seven radical changes but congressman you've always easy you've been pressed everybody with your battery effect myths about things and m if i promise to you that i'm going to do certain things for you and that i come into your office was uh... you know what tail between my legs really well but i'm happy ugadi i i i have got to be excuses they're you're not going to be real happy with him thirty that you're here saying the congress is not going to do well with excuses is that what you're saying you know that that they're making excuses that they thought the people you know i think they were making promises that they were all a hundred billion in spending mail order in a very long to be very unhappy that slide rule test is going to be those of maybe some new members on how they're going to vote and i think they're going to be talked into it out in the jury will be talked into it because they're gonna get some promise that they're gonna cut back with the promises have been there too long that i like i can't think you're implying p_c_s_ the people are tired of promises that have done for fail but you also makes a very good point as some of the spending is an automatically and uh... you know whether it's the interest on the day after or at the house of people retiring in the social security that is not an easy from the deal with that and uh... and we're going to have to face some really tough times let me let me bring you back to some well close in a promise but it was a statement this is back in march of two thousand six there was a united states senators and said the fact that we are here today to debate raising america debt limit is a sign of leadership failure it's a sign that the u_s_ government cannot pay its own bills it's a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial system from foreign countries to finance our governments reckless fiscal policies and that was senator barack obama backend to thousand six what happened to him around the same thing that happens is so many politicians at one time we had a president no new taxes that they got into trouble over that so you have a president said don't raise a national debt and makes a good argument for it and that just adds to the cynicism of of the people uh... but i keep arguing that we're concentrate on the budget that is a little bit bigger problem than that i think it's the nature of government that has to be addressed in this one is we assume that we can take care of people cradle-to-grave in that we can run our uh... military operations around the world to be the policemen i think it's just

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Ron Pul against raising debt llimit

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