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Akhenaten's Dream: SunRise!

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Akhenaten's Dream Beyond your flesh Beyond your room your house your piece of ground, your town. Beyond your state, region or country, Beyond your continent or island, Beyond the 3rd Stone from the Sun – our sweet Mother Earth, Beyond your mother, father, family, nation, race, class and gender Beyond all that… Yeah, beyond capitalism, socialism, racism, class-ism, nationalism, and the FASCISM that loves all our ISMS of what ever flavor, Yeah, beyond Jesus, Jonah, Buddha, Mohamed, Musa, Joseph Smith, and all the Devine Mothers cradling us, cradling us all, all, Beyond your hunger for oil, gas, coal, uranium and wood burning, burning, burning, daily choking the life from the precious air we breath and all that breathes us, Beyond roach dust, mercury and lead choking the life from our lungs, brains and nervous tissues of our babies, Beyond our tears of joy or rage Beyond all our graves! Beyond Politics, Sociology, Spirituality, Our humanity or the latest theory - we think explains it all, Beyond all we believe is either grief or joy Who really knows distances in this vastness called Universe? Who really knows the cost of our comfort? Of all the petty energy consuming stuff we think we have a right to: “Central heating Air conditioning, Cars, Airplanes Electric lights Inexpensive clothing, Recorded music, movies, hip replacement surgery and Your national defense!” If you love your Country more than the Earth that cradles her, If you keep burning the fuel of fossils, You are actually dumping in your living rooms You are torching your rafters Feeding your babies a formula full of arsenic, mercury and lead. Wake up and live now In Sunflower Splendor! Open Morning Glory! Wake up for the first time and LIVE! What you have a right to is the Natural World. What you have a right to is your movement through Seasons. Embodied or not, as everything turns, turns, turns… We are dancing inside Nearness Dancing in the Sacred Web of Life made of Mud and starlight Semen and seasons Novas and notions Stardust and the chorus of all singing planets known and un. (What? There’s a new one now???) Anthills’ industrious grit and constellations spilling ‘cross the unnamed expanses of sweet home AllWhere, Ultimately, who we are is not the bag of skin we are in. Our energy spreads throughout all that is Creation: Tendrils woven and weaving through all Mother-matter, touching. We are touching all things all the time in Unity, whether we know it or not. We are flying-spinning through Space, All the time timelessly, endlessly, eternally, infinity! Feel it! What a trip! And now I press my palm against your heart-breast, I speak softly to you, as you see it now too: I see you now with the eyes of my heart, No enemy, no other… Transformed, revealed, awakened, naked, Crying for a Vision now quaking, Beyond this global war zone of our own making, This is the stuff of conflict, greed, arrogance & fear, Will this be the inheritance of our babies’ babies’ babies? Will our babies have babies? Will they survive? Will they want to? Touch me brother with kinds hands, Embrace me sister with hope-heart (we are safe in this wisdom). Death has no dominion over Life, Death is twin to Life - a ying/yang unity of unending Life In all its forms and possibility. Touch beyond all boundaries and identities fearlessly, Let us Touch the Earth with our naked feet And be glad! For the Earth to live America must die… Yeah I said it! For the Earth to live America must die! For the Earth to live ALL nations must die. For the Earth to live Germany Spain England Egypt Azania China and Guatemala and all their sisters, All must die, must be transformed. The Snow will make us friends. The Rain will make us family. The Sun will melt all hearts, All God's children gonna have rhythm now. The Wind will teach us a New Song that everyone can sing, ROBUSTLY! Rooted in a Deep Democracy beyond what we know now. Listen! My friends are committing suicide now… To me it says something about how toxic our environment has become. They didn’t want to be here anymore. It has become physically, spiritually - toxic! To me it begs the question of, How do we recognize what is Sacred in our lives and become centered in that? How do we recognize the green sprouts coming through the concrete and treasure that? How do we recognize where the renewal is emerging and become one with that? How do we “Walk the Way of the New World”? Wherever we are going, We must all go together or not go at all! There are spaces in the Heart as vast as the Universe, And who knows distances in this vastness…? I see you now. I see you now. I see you… So touch me now with kind hands In this mornings’ glory! Transformed, revealed, awakened, naked With kind hands, in hand in hand… Gripping! I got you now! I got you! Stepping gently on this Holy Earth Striding toward… SunRise! Take my hand. And together we can make it. So when I am afraid, I know you're there for me. As I am for you. I am because you are. I am because you are. We are lovely locked together. Oh, blessed curse. It's a natural compassion, a green and verdant celebration. We are rescued from our egos. Our world is spinning and springing into renewal. And yes. It hurts. That's the way it is, isn't it? We feel there is no beginning and no end. There was never any more beginning than there is now! Nor any more youth or age than there is now. And there will never be any more Heaven or Hell, than there is right now. Man and woman, man and man, woman to woman. All. Mating in mirth and magic. Manifesting a new world with our breathing and being. There is no sanctuary except in compassionate action. There is no sanctuary except in compassionate action. No nation, no race, no religion, no gender Soon a blossoming burst of energy on our liberation day. On the radiant Kundalini ground we shudder in holiness. Earth is home. Earth is home. Home... home... home... home...

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Posted by: tinaki on Apr 3, 2012

Louis Alemayehu is a writer, educator, administrator, poet, father, grandfather, performer & activist of African & Native American heritage. Louis is a cofounder of the Native Arts Circle, the oldest Native American artists organization in the Upper Midwest. In 2003 the Headwaters Foundation gave Louis an award for life-long commitment to social justice. Currently, Alemayehu’s work focuses on teaching, writing, performance, mentorship, community organizing, charter schools & organizational development. Samples of his Ancestor Energy CD, AllWhere, can be heard online at Today, Louis works deeply across multiple cultural communities [...]

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