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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~11:15:00-11:44:59

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Everyone is online On Monday, you know? On Tuesdays people think that we don't do anything Then the harassment starts It's done But come on, we make a living from that harassment Meaning you have to answer to everyone But, There's days when I don't feel like... I think you're good like that What are you watching? The band? Oh, Race Against Let see if before we go we order you the ¨Asking¨ t-shirt In the end you want the one with the mouth? Yes I've been close to get you one That for you The what? But I thought ¨I'll buy it later, when he sees that it's not official...¨ The what? I saw a friend of mine with the Asking t-shirt On Menorca, he designs t-shirts and he was finishing... We made some to to Newton of his favorite superhero What is it? A superhero with ears and black cape Ohhh And... I ask him to make one for you The boy flipped when he saw the t-shirt He's not a boy, he's a men in his thirties And also, since we're going around to many places, I kept pamphlets from almost most Spain for you You know? I had pamphlets and so on Like, I don't know what from Gijón, I don't know what from Tenerife, I don't know what from Madrid, I don't know what from... who knows, Cádiz Then since I'm the one in charge of... see? Gijón Madrid Santander Because as we're getting to those places, we're looking... Oh, your aunt Erika? Aunt Cary Aunt Cary is wishing to be a grandmother already Why? Which photo did you send? The one with the baby, Janet She's like crazy Did you see the one from DJ Janet? Oh, you took that one, right? -I did it- It cracks me up Villalba, on the 25th It's not excessively far No really Great location for Alejandro You don't need this baby milk, right? No I don't think so because... Can I use the bathroom? Is there water? In the fridge No, is there water, water -Yes- But the drain is not there, right? No - Oh- No, still on it's place because I'm doing the laundry There's... Look, this bottle is not from here It's from Melany or the baby From... not from here Listen to me Yuya Is that bottle from Janet? Show it to her I think it's from Melany No. Take it to Cristina, please Just take it to Cristina No, I meant her, not you Her We need to find Judith's gown for the wedding of... Of Alex Yes I have to find my suit Is not here? I think it is You said that you had something at home the pants or the jacket? In the end nothing And if I have something it's the pants Sorry We believe we can go Yes, you already told me The grown-ups are not going dressed up in any special way, right? I have no clue Anyway I just know that the same day of the wedding, GTA is going to be released Well I think it's done Isa has said that we can keep it, but for Janet But it's Claudia's No, neither her Well everything is done Fernando double check the tank, okay? Eh? Check that everything is good, today is the trip Yes Anything to throw away here? Well I think you can start throwing... Punchy, you haven't eat the bread Is it spoilage? Off course Everything, everything Jeni This too, right? And there was turkey and everything, isn't it? I could have done some good sandwiches And those things that I brought Yeah, but I feel bad for the bread Not this, this is good That is delicious What? That that's good This as well? You also need to threw that away Here, everyone is on a diet so no one eats it We should have take it to someone What is that? Or to the kitchen Yes. It's an "ensaimada" This too Yes It's hard And that's it I have a broken tooth, and it hurts I have one broken teeth too Oh, the other day Is it true that Marta came to visit How was it? Good Those are the ones that I told you they were playing in front of us The ones that sounded like Lamb of God Unbelievable what happened to this guy To whom? Gustavo Cerati He's still in a coma He's been like that for 3 years or something like that What happened? He fell into a coma Just like that? Did he drink or take something? Why are you hitting me with the trash? What? Why are you hitting me with the trash? I didn't mean to, handsome She has hit you because you don't behave well That's why she hit you with the trash on the head I'm sleepy Go to sleep On the bed right? On top of the tv and the computer... -Here- I'm going to Gaby's I have to be informed Your cousin Nela And how are we going to go to the other town? Mom? How are we going to go to the other town? Probably by truck, as usual You know traveling days are very boring This week we have... Shoot, before you leave we needed to go visit your cousin I get a lot of work with the two of you In the end I will leave to make the gig directly I bet you're not leaving? A person leaves whenever he can, not when he wants So, the 25th is not this week, is next week I'll do something Ouch Sorry Nothing interesting here in Facebook Rodrigo, eh "Even though this life is chaos and the art is suffering, this is the life I've chosen and I have no regrets" Today your uncle woke up feeling like a poet Okay, 11:30 a.m. Where is Angel? Traveling He travels with a caravan Just imagine if by car you might speed up to 120 km/hour, when you hook the caravan, you can't speed more than 90 km/hour And at that speed with a caravan is like going... You know, like driving a Ferrari with your bare hands Angel goes at 90 km/hour Not really, eh Sure he doesn't... Listen, we haven't got a fine in 6 months Well, bravo Yes but you know what are all the fines from? From parking People think it's because you're speeding, but not always It doesn't matter any more We have to collect taxes Your grandmother is gonna get rid of me Everyone is quiet today... usually on the day we travel all the kids are playing on the street and such Today everyone is being so quite Well I'm gonna call you over and over again, so I can talk to you and you don't get bored The same happened to me Remember that my bleeding didn't short and they sent me over there Yes Please! Someone take me, take me Rodrigo...yes, Rodrigo is on his way over there No, no, but I have some photos that Rodrigo sent me With grandma shouting and Rodrigo next to her With a face like "we're having a good time", you know? I have a video, of grandma and Rodrigo doing I don't know what Later on, I called Alonso one day he was there, and I said "Alonso, tell me how is grandma doing" And he says "hold on, she's gonna tell you herself" And grandma started to tell me about everything over the phone Bla, bla, bla, and bla, bla, bla And Alonso was laughing his head off No, is just what the doctor said The real problem is that grandma, How do you know if it's real? The pain and everything, you know? Because you never know They only noticed it because when she walked, she tended to bend over And they realized, she had a sharp pain But, at first, the doctor told me that it was her pelvis, but it has been her hip Better hip than pelvis, eh Yes, to me I don't remember who told me the other day, one of my colleagues, that his grandmother had surgery and when the did it they told him, "this is not new" They said "it's an injury that's been there long time ago and it got worst now that she fell down" But there's people that just by getting up from a chair, it splinters Old ages are... Oh my gosh If he's not leaving, kick him out Well... I hope Rolo arrives soon You want me to call Luchy so she can find out if they found the luggage? Okay Well. The other day she stayed Luchy's mom, she stayed with grandma to So Okay. Love you, see you, bye Greeeeeat! Yes Thanks mom Okay. Talk soon, bye It's been almost 4 hours and we don't know anything yet Still sleeping? That's weird Angel doesn't pick up the phone It is very boring today Let see Fernanderas, get up honey She's not sleeping anymore She is totally asleep I'm gonna go get the wigs Jeni is not here, right? Come on in, put them on top of the bed, please On the bed? Here, on this one Azucena and the kids are up No Do you want to go for a walk? With the cutie patootie? Where is the...? The thing? I don't know. Because... I came here yesterday to pick up the car seat, and it was gone Ask your dad to see if he knows Does dad have it? My father says it's in the stroller Here? Here in the stroller? Yes, he's gone over there Let's go for a while to the park that's on the other side? There's a park? I can't believe you have not seen it Shall we go? Leave the video game just for a bit Come on, let's go find the thing at uncle's Gaby, and then we can leave Oh, careful with your head my baby Not here? It seems like someone had a fun time taking the parasol from the stroller Perfect... No, it's just to take her for a walk I know, I know. But... It was in front of the door of the caravan, And Jeni said she hasn't seen it I saw you yesterday with it on your hand, that's why I asked you No. no. I didn't move it from there. Bringing it here, to your caravan But with this thing, not with... Then I've seen to... I've seen someone with the thing What thing? Watching cartoons Oh, he shut the door. Iker! Iker! Hello Are you gonna give me a kiss? Iker -Iker- Look, Fer is here Hello! Aren't you gonna come out, to give us a kiss? What a mean face, bug face No, he's laughing like crazy, but still not listening Where are you going? For a walk Angel has gone for his first trip, there's two more left How come? We're traveling today or today I haven't gone... I haven't gone any day Judith where's the baby's sunscreen? It was... here Wait, wait, wait We can't all at once How is it? It's white and yellow The one with 30 SPF is your father's, yours... It's only the same container every time Let me see? This one? Yes She's saying "but why are you doing this to me?" You are so cruel Hold on Yes, yes. It's a pain, but we have to do it Because if you get sunburnt, it will be worse I'm even gonna put you on the head I'm sorry, but no What's wrong? What's wrong? Ready Ole, ole, ole, ole And Fer doesn't know how to give you the pacifier I did it, but she spitted it Go to sleep It's weird but there isn't any circus kid awake today Oh, you're gonna get so tanned

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Posted by: globallives on Oct 30, 2013

Lara's assistant, Jeni, finishes cleaning the kitchen and Lara makes some phone calls. People are still sleeping in the plaza, so she goes for a walk with Janet, her brother's granddaughter.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara P̩erez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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