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off the beaten path and unpretentiously elegant Mission Eyes introduces Heart a new wine bar located on 24th street and Valencia Hi this is Laura Waxmann with Mission Local and I always had a feeling art makes a little bit more sense with a glass of delicious red wine in your hands. I finally found someone who agrees. I'm here with Jeff Segal, the owner of an unusual sensual new wine bar called Heart located inthe heart of the mission district It's always been my life's long dream to really start a place wher epeople could come and really enjoy wine for the same reasons that I do Kind of break down the pretension around wine and not over pay for wine and just enjoy wine for the base product that it is What are the price ranges of the wine? I'd say it goes all over the place we have glasses that are $4 or $5 dollars all the way up to $30 to $40 dollars We sell bottles that are $8 dollars and bottles that are $300 dollars but we focus largely on wines that cost $10 to $20 dollars Let's talk some art I know that you also have an art gallery here How does that work? So we think of a theme that works well with what we are trying to do here and then built the art off of that So this month's theme is basically hedonism It's pleasure and it's sensuality and it's all about the senses I think we are serving this great wine and food and that's obviously one set of senses but there are other senses to be dealt with and to be addressed and what we like to say is that is not coffe shop art not art that just hangs on the walls and looks pretty but makes you sit there and think about it and it really challenges you to confront it You have a full menu too It's a really great menu It's basically taking small plates and removing the european style and giving it and american attitude We have a pain perdu which is basically a mushroom bread pudin it's a really great dish and it's got these amazingly earthy mushroomly flavors it's beautiful The Mission is home to the doers in the city the thinkers and the artists and people who I think are the kind of people I want at Heart This has been Mission Eyes I'm Laura Waxmann reporting for Mission [email protected]

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Posted by: missionlocal on Feb 1, 2010


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