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C3L8: Drop Feed

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As you notice most pros that are any good at all will do a lot of drop feeding to their students which I think is a great idea. Once again the drill is only as good as the stroke behind it. So you might as well put down the visuals for your students to see. So they actually have an idea how they are supposed to drop feed. This is a great drill for many reasons #1 to supply power without being given any power is absolutely the best way to find out if you have a pure stroke or not. We are going to take a look at a few drop feeds here on the backhand side to start with because presumably thats the tougher of the two sides. You will see Paul is doing it in front of us. He is going to stay here along this blue line as much as possible with his arm with his focus on the 45 degree angle the red arrow and his hips are going to move in a figure 8. Which is the black figure 8 you see below him. See here is the most important part is that he stays in this tight coil to begin with as he shifts his hips through the x of the figure 8 see he goes to convex. There it is it lays out perfectly with the diagram. Its a great visual to have and to use with your students if you've got these final visuals to lay on the court. Because drop feeding is one of the toughest things to do once you get your student used to doing this drill then have them hit in the alleys. Hit at targets, it really produces a great stroke more importantly, as importantly most kids don't know how to feed a ball. Its hard to get a rally going unless they are hitting with a pro. They just don't feed the ball properly . The two hander is a little more difficult. I like to have someone drop feed or toss feed this one it can be done. As you see with the two hander you really need both hands on the racket. Its more difficult to drop feed but it can be done. Once again see the nice coil the racket head is sort of tilted forward that left hand is being strong not laying the head back at all and then the only time the head lays back is right about here as the hips slide forward. Right here they come, they're going to slide forward into the figure 8 right there is where it goes from concave to convex. You just saw it and now the hand slides through the center following the hips and now its convex. As it goes to the ball the racket head is laid back as it makes contact with the ball. There it starts to catch even though it s stretching out into the 45 the racket head catches up with the rest of the body and thats where you get that quickness and that whippiness in the two handed back hand. Have someone feed you two handers try drop feed. Now this is the forehand side, we've been through this a few times You know how to set this up with an 8 board or without it doesn't matter. The drop feed is one of the best drills I know of to get to really get your stroke together. Here we go, see that coil that nice tight coil sort of got that racket and the arm you can see it cupped there, mimic that white line. Now the hips here concave here, see, as the hips slide through and around the figure 8 you will see it go from concave to convex and as it begins to go to convex the hand is going to slide and expand out along the 45 degree angle. Make contact with the ball there at the 45 convex so the head is laid back as it makes contact and then once again it catches up and a nice finish. Having these visuals really helps on the drop feed. Take one last look here and like I said get some targets out. Have your hit down the alley. THis is a fantastic drill and a great way to gain confidence and it makes for a beautiful stroke and a great feed.

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Perfect your geometry with this on-court exercise.

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