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It came together kind of organically. We took about a year off after the St. Anger tour. There was a British band, you may have heard of them, called the Rolling Stones. They were playing in San Francisco so they asked if we would play with them. And so we were like, "You know what? Of course you're going to play with the Rolling Stones!" After we took a year off, we got together, we started playing music for a couple of days and then we went and played with the Rolling Stones and that was so much fun that we started right away after that writing and working on new songs, because it was so great to be playing again and hanging out again. And this time there was no psychiatrist, no movie crew, no producer, no nothing going on. It was just a bunch of guys hanging out in a room playing music together. And it was just like a vibe. And it seemed like all the crap that we've been dealing with and all the bullshit that we've been dealing with when we were doing the St Anger record, it just seemed like it was all gone. And all of a sudden it was fun again. It was four guys, it reminded me a little bit of when we started. It was just four guys playing music together, doing their thing, so it was kind of cool. And then we wrote a bunch of songs and we decided we were going to work with this new producer, Rick Rubin, and he came into the picture, and then it sort of went from there. We went to the studio, we played some gigs, and went to Japan. The last couple of years has been pretty fun, because it's been a bit different. We used to do these super-long tours and super-long stretches in the studio. We went to studio for a little while, then we went and wrote, and then we wrote some more, and then we went and played in Japan, then we went and played in Europe, and then we went back to the studio, so everything was done in short spurts. Everytime we came back to the studio there was a revitalisation or however you say. So it's been pretty cool the last couple of years to be in that way of doing it, instead of this endless thing of this one particular thing happening for too long. That's kind of been good now the record's pretty much done. And I'm sitting here talking to you. This record is very very lively and very in your face and just right there. Rick Rubin likes to make records that are right in your face, turn it up to 11, sometimes to 12. The main thing that he wants to do is make sure that everything is lively and bouncy And it's four human beings playing music together - that's kind of his whole thing. No artificial samples or this or that. He wants to keep it organic. That's the key word. Rick Rubin wants to make organic records. I don't know how you say organic in Swiss. He wants to keep it pure, "organisch", there you go. OK, man. OK, man, I'll see you in Switzerland next year. OK, all right. Au revoir. That was the last interview. I've been doing interviews for two days in Denmark. - It's August 26th? - Yes. It's 8.15 and I can't actually see what date it is. I've been doing interviews for about 9 hours today and that was it. That was the last Swiss guy, thought I'd just give you a quick update here. You guys, you know a lot about what's going on. You know that the record's done. You know there's a single. You know there's a live song. You know there's a song called "My Apocalypse"... In my head it's still called "10", but I'll get used to the proper title soon. You guys know that we've just played Reading and Leeds and had a lot of fun on the road all summer. I just spent two days here doing interviews. James is in Berlin, Rob's in... Where's Rob? Madrid, Spain. Kirk is in London and it's fucking nutty, it's fun. It's been a crazy, fun summer. The best summer ever for Metallica. And I'm going to fly back to San Francisco tomorrow. You know what I'm going to do for six days? Fucking nothing is what I'm going to do for six days. I'm going to sit on my arse. Turn every phone off. Then we're going to get together next week and rehearse because we've got a couple of celebrations at various O2 arenas in Berlin and London coming up after that. So I just wanted to say, "Hey, what's up?". I know you guys are... I hear you, I see you. I know what's going on, as you know. I know that a lot of people ask me for a babble here or there, or a couple of updates. We're doing pretty good on the updates. I know it's been a little slow on the babbles. But there's been a lot of fucking shit going on this summer, a lot of fucking shit. You see these are bags. I have a little bit of powder on 'cause I just did a TV show, but these bags right here are black, but I'm not complaining. I'm just saying, there's been a lot of shit going on. So it's been a little short on the babbles, but I think you guys are all caught up to speed. - The records coming in, what, 2 weeks and...? - 3, 4 days. 2 weeks and 3 or 4 days, something like that. I can't count. "Complete My Album" is happening on iTunes. Track 3 is coming next Monday, right? - Yes. - And then there's another... He just says yes to everything. And then there's another track, track 4, coming the Monday after that, and then the record comes a few days after that or some shit. I guess the next thing that's going to roll out is the going to roll out in a week or so. It's done. I've seen the final edit version of it. It's fucking beautiful. It's like, big, big video. Beautiful. You guys'll... It's big. This one hits home, trust me, man. What else is happening? There's some ringtones. I've been approving ringtones for the last couple of days. The famous Kirk Hammett guitar solo ringtones that you and only you will own for 3 pennies or are they free? I don't even know. They should be free. Trust me, please don't pay for these. They're outtakes. I'm going to get yelled at by somebody for saying that, but that's OK. These are our websites, I can pretty much say whatever the fuck I want. Anything else I can... We're starting to tour as you guys know in Phoenix on October 21st. All this information's out there. I don't know why I need to tell... I guess... on Mission Metallica we promised there'd be an occasional update by a band member. Well, guess what? I'm a band member, so I'm giving you a fucking update even though you already know the news. I guess it's called filling our part of the bargain. There you go. Anything I can tell them, they don't know? Anything I should tell them they don't know? No, they pretty much know everything. - They know Guitar Hero is coming. I don't want to sit here and sell all this shit to you. I'm just trying to keep you in the loop. We're going to start touring in Europe, the fourth week in February up till about mid-summer. Just Europe. I can't tell you the dates yet, 'cause we're putting this together right now, but we're going to hit basically the indoor joints, indoor arenas from like late February up to early / mid-summer. And then we're going to go and play everywhere else. We're going to play your backyard, we're going to play Latin America, Australia, Japan, Polar Caps. Wherever, your high school gym. Everywhere. And then, what else is going to happen? Then we're going to sleep for a week. And we're going to do Death Magnetic II, Re-Death Magnetic. I don't know, man. This is the time of my life, this is the summer of our lives. This is a fucking awesome time to be doing this shit. I am glad that you guys are psyched about the music. It's been so much fun playing the songs live. I'm glad that you guys are digging Mission Metallica. I want you to know, like I told you guys three months ago when we started Mission Metallica, we're doing this by the seat of our pants, literally. I was half an hour ago approving clips for tomorrow. This is a make it up as we go along operation. Don't think that we are professionals, 'cause we're not. This is amateur, I always refer to us as. We make this shit up as we go along. At least enjoy the chaos because we do. One day we will knock on the door of professionalism, but that day is still in front of us, but we look forward to it and when it happens we'll post it. "Today Metallica entered the big league". I'm going to go and I'm actually going to have dinner with Thomas Winterberg tonight. Did the video that will be your way in about a week. I'm going to go tell him what an awesome video he made. I'm going to have a glass of wine and I'm going to chill the fuck out. And then I'm going to go home tomorrow and we'll see you guys... Maybe we'll do another update, from HQ he says, right, believing that may actually happen. It could happen, 'cause it could always happen. You never know when all of a sudden, when you don't think it's ever going to happen again, it just shows up. The talking head shows up, the Danish talking head. Right... - It's good. - That's it? Is that good enough? Death Magnetic to you all. I'm tuning out for six days but so far it's been a lot of fun and I'll see you guys soon.

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Metallica Music Video

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