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In France everyone wear stripes, a red scarf, a beret and a baguette bread French people either live in Paris or in the Cote d'Azur In France, everyone has the view of the Eiffel Tour Although we eat horse meat frogs snails sticky cheeses our cuisine is the best in the world In France, we have the most elegant, well known couturiers in the world. Even though the most celebrated French people are Jeanne d'Arc Napoleon The general de Gaule The captain Cousteau the pantomime Marceau In France, our foods are based on croissants, fois gras, garlic, and onions and we only drink red wines or champagne In France, we believe that french fries come from Belgium In France, we have "rendez-vous" in the cul de sac the French love women but not in business Ah here is our feminine goddess In France, we often say "Holala!" In France, we have a special way to kiss In France, we listen to accordions on every occasion. In France, we have "fly" boats the best known French monument is a satellite radio station In France, we have "deja-vue" France is a democratic country The Africain man has given enough credit in history In France, the girls are cute, but they don't shave In France, we don't take baths That is why perfume why created In France, Taxis drivers are rude In France, waiters are rude In France, super heroes are sexy And commercial mascots are poetic In France, we used to chop people's head off with a strange devise In France, we water our furrows with impure blood In France, the most popular sport is the bolce Again a beautiful shot, one point for the blue team Let's see it again in slow motion ...there's tons of French celebrities like Picasso, who is Spanish Salvadore Dali, also Spanish Vincent Van Gaugh, who is Deutch Polinaire, Frederic Chopin Mary Gris, Polish Josephine Baker, who is american France is the country of Human Rights In France, we are either on strikes or on vacations Oh Crap! ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪And that all♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

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Country: Spain
Language: French (France)
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Posted by: mariajefr on Mar 18, 2011

Des clichés sur les Français

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