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hitman round 1

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Well now Chris has f*ckin arrived Cool Chris with his little Cucumber has arrived And I hope he f*ckin brings it to the fuckin table now Cause he’s need a big f(ckin vegetable to knock this bloke out He’s F*ckin, He’s a giant man And with first f*ckin round to start now Chris comes in with a couple of Jabs couple a jabs, Couple a jabs Dooowonawotnow ?!!? Dooowonawotnow ?!!? Look at f*ckin Dan the man He's just standing there , He's standing there He taking it like a f*ckin man Chris has got nothing Now In fairness now Chris is comin in he’s comin in from the side Ahh me Jayus Chris I just figured out is in the F*cking black Ahh me jesus well chris in the black dan is in the f*cking Blue Dan got him , Dan's got him with a left Dan has got him with a right Ahh fuckin Dan is going off Dan wants to fuckin take him down and chris doesn’t know whats going on I think Chris has got him No Ahh Jesus Christ he f*cking gave him a real right there now Hes given him a right there, ah hes taking f*ckin look at man dan In the blue shorts he f*cking taking it like there no Hes a strong looking fellow, He’s a strong looking fellow He’s doing f*ckin do great in the first round now Seconds down Now we probably have another minute Before dan comes down And Dan goes out with a couple of lefts Oh jesus he gives a f*cking a couple lefts Another left , Another left He f*cking likes his lefts here now Dan doesn't he now And Chris, Chris the fucking cool cat I wonder if he's had his f*ckin minties today I wonder if he's had his minties today cause fairly f*ckin good he'l need to cool down a bit cause he'l be sweatin boy, he'l be sweatin It's f*ckin hot in that f*ckin ring I tell ya cause I tell ya what I'm sitting here ringside drinking fucking booze and im sweat OH The crowd go wild, don't know what for, don't know what for missed that Don't know what for Chris is in, Dan's in, Chris is in, Dan's in Aw Jesus boy It's GONNA BE A ONE ROUND KNOCKOUT JESUS DAN hold on Dan hold on Dan hold on , ughh

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Posted by: darthschracker on May 4, 2016

hitman round 1

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