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Music Contributes much to the quality of life to provide a sonic background and for intellectual and psychological satisfaction. ♫ Peter and the Wolf ♫ Music exists for many different purposes. Most popular music is often heard in situations where that focus on activities other than music. The opposite is true for concert music Let's think about this for a moment Music that is heard in situations that focus on activities other than music would be, for instance, the background music in a movie It might be the music that you hear in a cafe, or in a bar. so there's a lot of different places where we hear music but we're not actually putting all our focus on it When we hear concert music the expectation is that you will be focusing solely on that music Let's get a definition of ordinary music Are some uses of music better than others? Not really! Music is created for different purposes. We'll refer to popular music as ordinary just because of it's transitory nature It's here today and gone tomorrow Extraordinary music contains a lot of substance requires some interaction and requires skill to understand what is happening For the purpose of this course, we'll call it extraordinary We like what we know Hearing a work of music many times is not only a good way to develop your music memory but to acquire positive feeling for a work Let's think back on this Has there every been a time that you purchased a CD because there was a particular song that you liked and then when you started listening to it you realized that you really only liked that one song? But, if you continued to listening to the CD over time, it might grow on you and you might realize you like some of the other songs as well Now, of course, we have the benefit of just purchasing individual songs and we can piece together our own musical library so we're a lot more discriminating about what we listen to In this course, we're going to try to get you to be broad-minded about what you're hearing Listen to it multiple times just to give yourself an opportunity to get used to it and maybe even to develop an appreciation for it Now we're going to talk about how to listen This is going to be the most important part of this first lesson Learning to listen to music perceptively is an essential part of a music appreciation course Active listening requires that the listeners mentally participate in the process., so try not to mentally check out Make sure that you are really thinking about what you are listening to If you find that you are distracted or don't have the time right then to really focus on it, then come back to it at another time We're going to focus on three main modes of listening All three modes are important... but sheerly musical listening will be the most challenging mode of listening It requires the most education and effort however, the other two modes are very important Without psychological involvement, listening to music becomes a sterile, intellectual process We do want you to enjoy the music that you are listening to so we'll want to make sure that we employ all the modes of listening

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