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Jessica Mystic - George Kavassilas -Interview 01

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Alright. For the sake of people who haven't heard about your information before share with us George, a little bit about yourself. Yes. Hi Jess. Well, my history is quite interesting because the life journey that I had is not the... what we call the average... sort of... life journey. It has been full of incredible experiences and as far as I can remember, to the age of five years old, is when I had my first abduction, I know I had prior to that, but that's as far back as my memories actually go, and there I was as a your child being taken by these unusual-looking beings that we commonly know as "the greys" and... there's many kinds of grays but this particular group was about five foot tall and they had very dark gray skin and those really dark black-almond eyes and I had a very negative experience with these beings, they really treated me pretty much like a lab-rat and it wasn't a pleasant experience at all and I found myself back on my bed up with that experience and I was just so cold I just remember being frozen with this energy, I couldn't move, 'cause that's what they do, they paralyze you, and they work on your will, so, even if I wanted to move I couldn't 'cause I didn't have the will to make myself move, and that's pretty much that they go about controlling they way you are... ...your abilities to actually function not only physically but also mentally... and, so I was lying there for about an hour and it was late autumn getting to winter and I was quite cold because of some reason I had no bed sheets on the bed just the bed sheet on the mattress was there but there was no coverings and I was also getting stiff 'cause I was so cold and it was really hard for me to try to move, it took me a while, it took me about an hour, I got to move, -probably got-, I was really stiff, so it really hurt the moving, and I managed to walk, to stagger pretty much to my mom's bedroom. It was interesting 'cause I wanted to wake her up and as I wanted to do it there was like this magic stopping me inside "no you can't do it, I can't do it, can't do it" So I just stood there just staring at mom. Luckily a mother's intuition she woke up about ten minutes later of me standing there and she said "what's the matter? you have a really fright look on the face" and I had a fight look on my face 'cause I was scared, I was shivering and trembling with fear and the cold. And I said "They took me again" mom, and she said "What do you mean?" And I said " Them up there" beings "up there, they took me" them from up there took me. And she's "oh, you just had a bad dream" You know the usual thing. The usual reaction people give you. And it really hurt my feelings that my mother wouldn't believe me. She took me by the hand and she said "You are so cold, you're so cold" "What's the matter? What's going on?" And we went back to the room. And I said "they took me, I'm telling you!" And then she took me back to the bedroom. She has like "Uh! Where's the bedsheets? I said Mom they took them, I didn't do anything. So we got a whole new set of sheets, put them on the bed, my body started to warm up under the covers -I could feel that- I remember the warmth coming into my body it just felt so good, -there are little bits of this experience I remember that really stand out. It was funny because the next day we found the bedsheets at the other end of the house. All neat, like perfect. -Well at least they respect your bedsheets rather than your body and your emotions! May I ask you why do you think you had that particular experience do they know about who you are and what is it that you are to do that they thought to prevent... to stop you, and what is it that you came to do? Yeah I think about that stage in my life, there were... 'cause I was doing a lot of abductions all over the world, actually looking, searching for particular beings that have incarnated who are gonna play this more significant role in helping like you and me and many others who are stepping forward and playing a role and people who are facilitating life, there are people that run internet radio stations beings just working behind the scenes in order to get into the public arena even people who just do paperwork or organize this for people, there's so many people out there that are working in this area to help inform humanity and I feel that I was looking all around the world to see who these people were going to be so they could start working on this slowly over a period of time. I think that's what's going on. Yeah, some had an experience like that. Some people have quite different experiences, some people remember some don't some are positive some are negative, I don't know why. And what if they could have the experiences you had. Well, for me it's a matter of... I dug deep into myself cause I had trouble during y life... it was about digging deeper into myself; understanding why I had these experiences Why couldn't I stop them, because I tried everything; all healing modalities I went to people to try and help stop them, to have entities put out of me, I had, you know, "Archangel Michel, please come and help me" and you know, the whole lot, just tried everything and nothing seemed to work, so I ended up just going into myself and eventually understanding that a higher aspect of myself orchestrated this life, and therefore through the structure of the universe I actually contracted them to come I've allowed them to through soul contract to actually come and visit. That's my understanding, that's how I dealt with it, I coped with it, cause on one side I got to that point of realization within myself I was able to actually be grateful for what I was going through, and in that process of being grateful, that's when I actually started having less of these experiences, 'cause it's about attaining a certain level of wisdom within ourselves so those negative experiences just started dissipating, dissipating and dissipating and now they are virtually non-existent. I'm afraid you needed to have them in order to learn how to handle them,

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Jessica Mystic Interviews George Kavassilas

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